RealNetworks totally thinks RealDVD will be back


Remember RealDVD, Real Networks’ attempt to legitimize DVD copying, only the movie studios freaked out because they didn’t understand what the software was all about? Well, Real still thinks it has a good chance of winning the lawsuit it faces. Lawsuit out of the way, it’ll go on selling RealDVD like nothing ever happened.

Should Real win the lawsuit—it’s prepared to alter the software in order to placate the judge and/or MPAA—it will resume sales, which have been frozen since October.

You will recall that Real thinks it should be allowed to sell RealDVD because it doesn’t destroy a DVD’s CSS encryption. The studios don’t give a hoot; all they see is, “Oh man, J6P will be able to copy DVDs now.” Hence lawsuit, freaking, etc. It’s very tiring, really.

No, this story has nothing to do with Homer; it just makes me laugh.