Surprise! Sales of RealDVD suspended while Hollywood runs itself into the ground

Note that I have nothing against Mr. Norris per se.

You just knew this was going to happen. Sales of RealNetworks’ RealDVD have been suspended while Real fights Hollywood in court, forever.

You already know what Hollywood’s beef is, that RealDVD allows people to illegally copy DVDs blah bah who cares. Rent, rip and retun all you want, I say.

Take this line from the MPAA’s lawsuit:

Motion pictures and television programs require substantial investments
of money, time, effort and creativity by hundreds or often thousands of

Oh, please. It’s a bunch of overpaid people pretending to be other people in front of a camera, acting. No lives are saved and America’s position in the world is not enhanced. Boo hoo, Hollywood.