MPAA: Despite Piracy, 2010 Was Record Year For The Movie Business

The Motion Picture Association of America says [PDF] the movie industry had its biggest year ever last year. This, despite the fact that folks like the “US Copyright Group” have gone after people for ruining said industry. Down is up, black is white, and the New York Mets are a well-run organization.

The MPAA, which is rumored to be led by former Connecticut senator Chuck Dodd, pats itself on the back thus:

It was a strong year at the movies in 2010. Despite a weak economy, shifting business models, and the ongoing impact of digital theft, we had another record year at the global box office driven by growth outside the U.S. and Canada. In the U.S. and Canada 3D was the driving force. Higher value entertainment continues to make a significant contribution to box office revenues.

It’s a bit like WWE, with most of its new business coming from outside the U.S. So while domestic business is more or less stagnant, thanks to more and more international penetration it looks like everything is excellent.

It also sorta contrasts to what we saw partially through 2010, that 3D movies weren’t brining the same amount of revenue as movies like Avatar. Taking a few days to convert a movie into “3D” after the fact proved to not be an especially wise move.