• MPAA Takes Down Pirating Group And Popcorn Time Fork

    MPAA Takes Down Pirating Group And Popcorn Time Fork

    There are corks popping around the MPAA offices today. The American trade organization is claiming responsibility for shutting down several pirating services including a popular version of Popcorn Time, you know, the Netflix for pirates. This comes after the MPAA obtained an injunction in a Canadian against three operators of, which forced the site and service offline. The MPAA… Read More

  • Google Says It Will Not De-List Entire Sites For Copyright Violations

    Google Says It Will Not De-List Entire Sites For Copyright Violations

    In an open letter to the Office and Management and Budget’s Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator, Google announced today that it opposes the practice of removing entire sites from search results. Google’s letter is in response to a public solicitation by Daniel H. Marti, the United States Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator. In early September, the United… Read More

  • Privacy Groups Upbraid MPAA For Trying To Bring SOPA Back At The State Level

    Privacy Groups Upbraid MPAA For Trying To Bring SOPA Back At The State Level

    The ongoing struggle between Google and the Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood has new players this week, as a number of privacy groups waded into the mix, dinging the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) for, in their words, a “coordinated campaign to shut down and block access to individual websites through backdoor methods resoundingly rejected by the public and federal… Read More

  • Google Rips MPAA For Allegedly Leveraging Local Government To Revive SOPA

    Google Rips MPAA For Allegedly Leveraging Local Government To Revive SOPA

    Corruption in the American Hollywood style is something to behold. Today, Google published a short blog post alleging that the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), alongside a number of film studios, funded what was essentially opposition research about the company. The resulting material was later fed to state attorneys general. Read More

  • A Look Back At How The Content Industry Almost Killed Blockbuster And Netflix (And The VCR) Crunch Network

    A Look Back At How The Content Industry Almost Killed Blockbuster And Netflix (And The VCR)

    The once iconic video rental giant Blockbuster is shutting down its remaining stores across the country. Netflix, meanwhile, is emerging as the leader in video rental, now primarily through online streaming. But Blockbuster, Netflix and home media consumption (VCR/DVD/Blu-ray) may never have existed at all in their current form if the content industry had been successful in banning or… Read More

  • MPAA: Despite Piracy, 2010 Was Record Year For The Movie Business

    The Motion Picture Association of America says [PDF] the movie industry had its biggest year ever last year. This, despite the fact that folks like the “US Copyright Group” have gone after people for ruining said industry. Down is up, black is white, and the New York Mets are a well-run organization. Read More

  • RIAA Goes Offline, Joins MPAA As Latest Victim Of Successful DDoS Attacks

    In an offense called “Operation Payback,” members of the Internet collective Anonymous have organized what seems to be anti anti-piracy movement. Dubbed by Torrent Freak as the “protest of the future” the group has been pretty busy over the past 36 hours launching DDoS attacks on the MPAA, Indian anti-piracy site Aiplex Software and today both and Read More

  • Theater Revenue Reaches Record Levels, Despite Cries About P2P Piracy

    Some things just amaze me. Despite the fact that people are paying more for theater tickets then ever, the MPAA and their ilk are crying about how they aren’t making as much money due to piracy. I suggest that the real pirates here are the theater owners, who are raising ticket prices at the highest year to year rate ever. Read More

  • MPAA refused to tell U.S. GAO where it got its piracy numbers

    More fallout from last week’s U.S. Government Accountability Office report on the entertainment industry’s piracy numbers. The gist of the report was that the government (and you and I) should never believe what the entertainment industry has to say again re: piracy because it was pulling data completely out of thin air. “Oh, 44 percent of all unauthorized file-sharing comes… Read More

  • RIAA, MPAA would like to scan your hard drive for infringing content

    There really isn’t any particular point to the following story other than to get you riled up as your begin your weekend. The U.S. government is actively trying to figure out how best to handle intellectual property rights, so it has asked the concerned parties to submit all sorts of information in order to better understand what’s going no. The person in charge of this is the… Read More

  • MPAA has entire town's municipal Wi-Fi shut down over single piracy allegation

    It’s getting harder and harder to be surprised about the MPAA‘s silly tactics. So, surprise! The MPAA has successfully shut down an Ohio town’s municipal Wi-Fi network because one person was caught illegally downloading a movie. You know, peers and seeders and all that. Read More

  • If it could, the MPAA would push you right off the swingset and into the mud

    You probably already hate, for whatever reason, the MPAA (and its music industry cousin, the RIAA), but here’s another reason to do so. The group is asking, for like the zillionth time, for the FCC to approve something called selectable output control. In essence, this allows a video signal to be sent to your TV from, say, a video on-demand service, that prevents the use of certain… Read More

  • MPAA will hound isoHunt founder till the End of Days

    You wouldn’t want to be isoHunt founder Gary Fung these days. He’s currently facing an MPAA lawsuit that could well result in fines in the millions of dollars. (TorrentSpy was ordered to cough up $100 million last year.) And even if Mr. Fung doesn’t have that kind of money, and he doesn’t, the MPAA is prepared to pursue any judgment “for the rest of his… Read More

  • MPAA argues in RealDVD courtroom that copying DVDs is illegal under the DMCA

    What’s another phrase for, “meh, who cares?” That’s what I’m thinking when I read that the MPAA tried to argue in court that making a personal copy of a DVD is illegal under the DMCA. Is it shocking to people that the MPAA would argue in favor of its own interests, possibly at the expense of the your ability to make rip a DVD? No. No it’s not. Read More

  • RealNetworks totally thinks RealDVD will be back

    Remember RealDVD, Real Networks’ attempt to legitimize DVD copying, only the movie studios freaked out because they didn’t understand what the software was all about? Well, Real still thinks it has a good chance of winning the lawsuit it faces. Lawsuit out of the way, it’ll go on selling RealDVD like nothing ever happened. Read More

  • Wow, colleges are spending a lot of money to combat P2P

    How much does it cost to monitor college students’ anti-American P2P activities? A whole lot, and that’s money colleges could be spending on, I don’t know, education. This chart breaks down the cost of complying with, specifically, the new provisions of the Higher Education Act of 2008. That law, which the RIAA and MPAA were able to lobby their way into, requires colleges try… Read More

  • Judge upholds stop on RealDVD sales: Don't expect to see it for a long time (if ever)

    Like Achilles, it looks like RealDVD has lived a short but glorious life. Its name will echo for eternity. And so on, and so forth. Right, so that judge that RealNetworks was so confident would rule in its favor did the exact opposite, ruling in favor of the movie studios. The temporary injunction on the sales of RealDVD will go on indefinitely; the odds of RealDVD coming back, especially… Read More

  • RealNetworks is officially confident that RealDVD is legal

    The RealDVD saga continues, quickly becoming one of the more interesting tech stories of the past few months. As we already know, both RealNetworks and the MPAA have been suing each other left, right and center over the past two weeks. Well now Real has issued an official statement, one sure to send shivers up the spines of the MPAA’s lawyers. We are confident that the Court will… Read More

  • Surprise! Sales of RealDVD suspended while Hollywood runs itself into the ground

    Note that I have nothing against Mr. Norris per se. You just knew this was going to happen. Sales of RealNetworks’ RealDVD have been suspended while Real fights Hollywood in court, forever. You already know what Hollywood’s beef is, that RealDVD allows people to illegally copy DVDs blah bah who cares. Rent, rip and retun all you want, I say. Take this line from the… Read More

  • MPAA sues Real over RealDVD – the fools

    In yet another ridiculous and short-sighted move, “the nation’s top movie companies” have filed suit against RealNetworks due to the release of RealDVD. Oh my god. Every time I think these heads of industry can’t get any more stupid, they do something like this. What are they going to accomplish here? They’re telling consumers that they can’t back up their… Read More

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