• Brammo Rolls Out 100MPH Empulse Line of Electric Motorcycles, Priced Between $17K to $19K

    Brammo Rolls Out 100MPH Empulse Line of Electric Motorcycles, Priced Between $17K to $19K

    In recent years a flurry of electrified two-wheeled motorcycles and scooters have emerged from companies like Zero, Brammo, Mission Motors, BRD and Evolve. While some are still in the prototype phase (I’m looking at you BRD!), others have shown rapid advancement to meet rider needs, preferences and performance. Though they’re still light years away from their gas-powered… Read More

  • Motorcycle iPhone kit can be forearm or handlebar mounted

    Trying to use a cell phone while riding a motorcycle can’t be an easy task – maybe it isn’t that hard for experienced riders, I have no idea. I’d be all wobbly thanks to a) never having driven a motorcycle in my life and b) having no business trying to operate a phone one-handed while piloting a two-wheeled moving vehicle for the first time. For those of you who can do… Read More

  • Honda's motorcycle safety system being demoed in Germany

    Honda is demoing a GPS-based warning system to help keep motorcycle riders safe from cars at the Car 2 Car Communication Consortium event in Germany today. The system built by Honda works with 8 other vehicle manufacturers that relay messages between motorcycles and cars with information like direction and position. Said information will be fed to riders through a HUD and in-helmet audio. Read More

  • Wearable, Tron-ish motorcycle concept, looks nice and safe There’s a reason the “wearable vehicle” concept has only taken off in games and insane stunts. It’s probably that part where there’s heavy machinery attached to your body and if you take a turn wrong, it’ll tear your limbs off. Let’s hear what the creator has to say about the death machine… Read More

  • Can-Am Spyder Roadster: Poetry

    I saw two guys riding Spyder Roadsters last night — it was too dark to get pictures — and I was amazed. These are three-wheel motorcycles with two articulated wheels up front and a powered wheel in back. They were hitting about 60 MPH running alongside us and when they went to pass they literally looked like Storm Troopers on Speeder Bikes. The entire frame articulates slightly… Read More

  • Dainese's motorcycle airbag suit works

    I’m unsure how many CG readers ride motorcycles, but I know my brother does so I’m sure he’ll appreciate this. Dainese, an Italian moto gear manufacturer, has been working on an airbag suit they’re hoping to bring to market in 2010. The Italian company has been working on this for 10 years and they tested it in a real world situation at last year’s MotoGP races… Read More

  • Polish DIY tractors

    Lookin’ for adventure/or a nice zapiekanka Ah, the industrious Pole. Like the paper wasp and the silkworm, Poles can create something out of nothing just by applying their hard won traditions of alcoholism and extreme privation. Here we have a selection of farm vehicles made from motorcycles and old Jeeps. I’ve never actually seen this in my Polar travels, but I’m sure… Read More

  • Motorcycles Made From Watch Parts

    Sure it’s a beautiful Saturday, but wouldn’t you rather spend your time inside like a true dork? Check out these motorcycles made from watch parts. Half-steampunk, half-junk, they almost look safe enough to ride. At least for John. He’ll do anything to put his crotch near a watch. Hit the jump for a few of the sweetest rides available. Motorcycles from watch parts [Digg] Read More