YouTube promises expansion of sponsorships, other monetization tools for creators

YouTube says it’s rolling out more tools to help its creators make money from their videos. The changes are meant to address creators’ complaints over YouTube’s new monetization poli

Crunch Report | North Korean Hackers Target Bitcoin Exchanges

Facebook bans monetization of hate, porn, drugs and violence on its platform, some shake-ups happen at Baidu and WhatsApp, and North Korea is allegedly targeting bitcoin exchanges. All this on Crunch

Bumble’s SuperSwipe lets you show interest before someone swipes left or right

Bumble just launched a new feature designed to let you tell a match you’re really into them. Available now, SuperSwipe is a button that signals to a potential match that you want to match befor

Quora just launched a self-serve ad platform

While Quora has been around for almost seven years, it’s been a little slow when it comes to monetization through advertising. The question-and-answer site first launched ads last year in April

Figure 1, a knowledge-sharing app for doctors, launches sponsored content

Since its launch in 2013, Figure 1, a photo- and knowledge-sharing app for medical professionals, has focused on "traction" that is winning over new users and keeping them around. The app now boasts r, the ambitious project to build a better Twitter, is finally dead

Aiming for the stars and not quite making it, the ambitious has finally officially shut down. Its timely rise and fall comes as highly symbolic as its once rival, Twitter, continues to strugg

Bumble is finally monetizing with paid features to better help you find a match

Bumble’s been hinting for a while that they are getting ready to turn on monetization features in their girl-dominated dating app, and now they’ve finally done it. Starting today users wi

Advice for Snapchat from the world’s first Pokémon Go master

Snapchat has decided it’s time to make money. The company recently launched a massive expansion of its advertising, as well as an API that will make it easier for advertisers to buy ads. Given Snapc

How To Build A Smart Game Economy

With game developers’ main objective being to create a really good game with an optimal monetization mechanism to maximize revenue, there are quite a few aspects to planning and implementing one’s

Visa Announces Acquisition Of TrialPay To Expand Its Offers Platform

Visa announced today that it’s planning to acquire Mountain View-based TrialPay, an e-commerce payment platform which sits in between payments and advertising, providing consumers with an alter

Bitmonet Monetizes Your Blog Through The Power Of Bitcoin

<a target="_blank" href="">Bitmonet</a> - think "Bitcoin Monetization" rather than "Bitcoin Impressionist Painter" - is a platform for creation microtransaction-based paywalls on yo

Freemium Is Irresistable, Even For Successful Game Companies

The freemium debate continues to rage on. Some say it’s the future of how business will be run, while others say it’s synonymous with casual games (read: not for hardcore gamers). Now the

Real Prizes To Draw Gamers In Indonesia

Indonesian game developer, TouchTen, has been signed up as Gimmie’s exclusive game distributor in its country. Gimmie is a start-up by former lead programmer at PopCap Games, Roy Liu, and David Ng,

GetJar Shifts Focus From Distribution To Discovery And Commerce, As Its Virtual Currency Hits 50M Users, 60% Of Revs

You may know <a target="_blank" href="">GetJar</a> as the largest independent, cross-platform app store, and one of the largest distributors of Android apps outside of the Androi

Vimeo Offers Tips-Based Monetization For Videos, Creator-Controlled Pay Walls Coming Soon

<a target="_blank" href="">Vimeo</a> is a great site that's done a lot for independent online video creation and publishing, but one thing that's been missing from its platform is

W3i Announces $10 Million Marketing Fund For Indie Game Developers

<a href="">W3i</a>, a monetization and distribution network for mobile app developers, is announcing the launch of a new $10 million "AppX Game Developer Marketing Fund" at this wee

Mobile Games May Be Taking Off, But How Are Their Creators Going To Make Money? [Infographic]

Mobile gaming is big and getting bigger. You've heard it once, you've heard it one thousand times. <a href="">Japan's mobile, social gaming giant

Wikio merges with Ebuzzing – cue controversy

[France] <a href="http://">Wikio</a> has announced <a href="">on its blog (in French)</a> that <a href="