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For $200, George Santos will gossip with you on Cameo

George Santos, Republican ex-congressman, certified grifter and unlikely gay icon, is now on Cameo. Santos’ stint in Congress — checkered with a slew of criminal fraud charges, a House ethics

Twitch launches Privacy Center to educate users about their personal data

In the name of transparency and accessibility, Twitch launched its new Privacy Center to educate users, after conducting “extensive research” and finding that many of its users had no idea

TikTok disputes claims of anti-Israel bias amid calls to ban the app

TikTok is pushing back against claims of bias in the Israel-Hamas war, after American politicians resumed efforts to ban the app over the apparent popularity of pro-Palestinian content. In a recent op

Obskur’s Character Creator and marketplace streamlines VTubing

To stream as their ethereal alter ego, Mai, a VTuber known as M41H41, typically had to juggle at least four to seven different programs. Running all of them at once, however, was both mentally exhaust

The watermelon emoji isn’t just TikTok speak for Palestine

On Instagram, infographics about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza are punctuated with the watermelon emoji. In captions of TikTok videos calling for a ceasefire, the emoji replaces words like “Palest

People are turning to Snap Map for firsthand perspectives from Gaza

The world is watching the humanitarian crisis in Gaza unfold in real time through firsthand accounts documented on, of all places, Snapchat.  Israel has retaliated against Hamas’ October 7 attack w

Twitch’s CMO says competition from rival platforms is good for creators

Though attendees grumbled about Las Vegas as a city, the community sentiment at this year’s TwitchCon was notably more optimistic than it was at last year’s convention. TwitchCon 2023 closed out a

Twitch’s money guy talks about the revenue split controversy and its monetization long game

Twitch has had a tense year, in part due to community backlash over policy changes that affect the way creators can monetize their content.  Last year, the company announced that it would end the 70/

TwitchCon 2023 was better than last year, but everyone hated Las Vegas

Compared to the shitshow that went down last year, TwitchCon Las Vegas was largely a success. The problem? Nobody liked Las Vegas.  This year’s TwitchCon appeared to mitigate last year’s crowding

Meta has a moderation bias problem, not just a ‘bug,’ that’s suppressing Palestinian voices

Earlier this year, Palestinian-American filmmaker Khitam Jabr posted a handful of Reels about her family’s trip to the West Bank. In the short travel vlogs, Jabr shared snippets of Palestinian cultu

Reddit is killing blockchain-based Community Points

Reddit is winding down Community Points — the blockchain-based “internet points” program designed to reward creators and developers — in favor of prioritizing rewards programs that are

Twitch launches stories for streamers

Ahead of TwitchCon Las Vegas, Twitch is launching stories for streamers to connect with their audience even when they aren’t live. Partners and Affiliates who have streamed at least once for 45

Blue checks aren’t protecting sex workers from X’s porn crackdown

When X (formerly Twitter) launched paid subscription verification, Mistress Rouge, a professional dominatrix, hoped that it would help her advertise to new clients. But paying for the service didn’t

Twitch adds anti-harassment features to stop banned users from watching streams

Twitch streamers can finally block banned users from watching their streams, thanks to a recent update to the platform’s anti-harassment features. Twitch first announced the feature in August. T

Fearing AI, fan fiction writers lock their accounts

Kinktober. Whumptober. Kisstober. Flufftober. Goretober. October is a bacchanal of fan fiction, from romantic one-shots about unconventional character pairings to delicious smut that’ll make you rec

Humans can’t resist breaking AI with boobs and 9/11 memes

The AI industry is progressing at a terrifying pace, but no amount of training will ever prepare an AI model to stop people from making it generate images of pregnant Sonic the Hedgehog. In the rush t

‘TikTok whisperer’ Annie Wu Henry on social media and 2024

Connecting with the youth is a craft that has long eluded the Olds — a demographic that’s less defined by age than it is by social media habits. Politicians, historically, have not prioritized you

Republicans still don’t know how to talk to young voters online

In an appeal to younger voters, Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy — who proposed raising the voting age to 25 — launched his TikTok presence with an endorsement from Jake Paul, the

Kick streamers consider leaving over CEO’s comments in a sex worker ‘prank’ stream

Streamers are leaving Kick en masse in protest of the platform’s lack of safety guidelines, after a prominent creator streamed an encounter with a sex worker without informing her that there were ot

Betweened wants to teach kids how to use social media, not shut them out of it

Keeping kids off social media is idealistic at best, and giving them access to it opens a Pandora’s box of privacy concerns.
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