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  • Microsoft confirms plans for a new flagship store in Regent Street opposite Apple

    Microsoft confirms plans for a new flagship store in Regent Street opposite Apple

    Shopping may be turning into an increasingly virtual experience, with people buying goods online and through apps, but there is no denying the power of a physical in-store experience — a lesson Microsoft is taking to heart. Today the company announced it will be opening a new flagship store in London — just a stone’s throw from the Apple flagship store. Read More

  • Microsoft Ready To Take On Apple Stores With 75 More Retail Stores

    Microsoft Ready To Take On Apple Stores With 75 More Retail Stores

    Microsoft’s clearly done testing the retail waters. It’s ready to dive in head first according to COO Kevin Turner who recently showed attendees of the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference the company’s retail expansion plan. The plan is to open an additional 75 retail brick & mortar locations over the next two to three years. That’s a massive uptick from the… Read More

  • Microsoft Stores coming to Denver and San Diego

    Right now there are only two Microsoft retail outlets, one in Phoenix, AZ and another in Mission Viejo, CA. These locations opened last year to much singing and dancing, but soon there will be two more. According to a job posting on Microsoft’s site, Denver and San Diego will soon be home to their very own Microsoft Stores. Read More

  • Microsoft's Online Store Gets A Revamp, Now Sells Windows 7 PCs Too

    Coinciding with the worldwide debut of Windows 7 and the launch of physical retail stores throughout the world, Microsoft has revamped its online store as well. The news comes from Trevin Chow, Senior Lead Program Manager for Microsoft Store. Big surprise: the revamped online storefront features some new categories (including ‘Computers’!), so you can now go there to buy Windows 7… Read More

  • Microsoft Stores Now Hiring. An Apple Store "Genius" Is A Microsoft Store "Retail Technical Advisor"

    Have you ever cured your Windows computer of the dreaded blue screen of death? Then Microsoft may want to hire you! Well, at least to work in their new Microsoft Stores. Yes, the software giant is now hiring for its first two stores in Scottsdale, AZ and Mission Viejo, CA. Here’s a rough outline of what they’re looking for: We’re looking for new store employees who love… Read More

  • New Microsoft Store logo: Pixelly

    Guys. We need to make a logo for the new Microsoft stores. Yeah, heck if I know what they’ll sell there. Probably Windows. So let’s start with a Windows logo. Do a Google Image Search. Damn. That’s ugly. Ok, well, we’ve got to do something. Splat-C Splat-V right into Photoshop. Good. Make it really concrete. Like a square. Ok. Cool. Now make it look like a Window. Ok. Read More

  • First Microsoft Store pictured in its parti-colored chrysalis

    The Microsoft Store approacheth! We heard the announcement, we saw the theoretical floor plan, and now the store itself is there, enclosed in a hermetic seal/candy shell. It’s advertising Windows 7, Xbox 360, Zune, and Office on the outside of the shell, which was to be expected, but there’s also Bing on there, which seems a weird thing to advertise in a physical space. Google… Read More

  • The Microsoft Store is real, first locations to open this fall

    Well, well! We heard it was happening, but I’d forgotten about it until now. And as I said before, you can laugh about it all you want, but I think it could be great. Having an idealized Microsoft experience available, the way Apple makes an idealized Apple experience available, will be invaluable to Redmond’s interests. After all, they’ve got a hot new operating system, lots… Read More

  • Microsoft planning its own retail stores?

    Have you guys ever heard of those Apple Stores? Apparently they’re quite popular. Microsoft is apparently planning its own store, similar to the Apple Store except it’ll probably be called The Microsoft Store or VistaHaus or DirectX Direct-2-U. I thought it was doing all right with its MicroCenter stores but it turns out that MicroCenter isn’t even owned by Microsoft! What… Read More