Rumors of the demise of augmented reality developers have been greatly exaggerated

Andrew Kemendo Contributor Andrew Kemendo is founder and chief executive of Pair. With the announcement of Apple’s ARKit, I’ve been bombarded with questions about what ARKit means for Augmented Re

New augmented reality visualization app Dotty has launched in the app store

As augmented reality continues its march into the workplace, new tools are emerging to integrate collaboration and visualization tools into virtual and augmented reality. One application, which recent

The reality of VR/AR growth

“VR will be big, AR will be bigger and take longer.” What sounded revolutionary when we first said it two years ago has become accepted wisdom. But now the market has actually launched, and we’v

The reality of AR/VR business models

There is nearly as much confusion as there is excitement about augmented and virtual reality. While VR could be big and AR could be bigger (and take longer), there are more questions than answers out

Apple Acquires Augmented Reality Company Metaio

Apple has acquired Metaio, an augmented reality startup that launched way back in 2003 as an offshoot of a project at Volkswagen. The company’s site said it stopped taking new customers, and

Metaio’s Thermal Touch Gets A Little Bit Smaller At MWC 2015

We first reported on Metaio’s Thermal Touch concept for Augmented Reality (AR) interface control last spring. Still in its infancy, the concept relies on thermal imaging cameras to track residual he

Metaio Launches The First Augmented Reality Plugin For Adobe InDesign

We first showed you Metaio's Creator platform for easy integration of Augmented Reality into magazines, way back in 2011. The software, makes it easy for print designers to select imagery in their lay

Timetraveler App Allows You To See The Berlin Wall Story In Augmented Reality

Metaio and Timetraveler Augmented announced the Timetraveler application today. Using Augmented Reality (AR), smartphone and tablet owners can view historical content about the Berlin Wall, in and

Metaio’s Thermal Touch And The Future Of Augmented Reality User Interfaces

Metaio is currently demoing a new possible future in the evolutionary path for input control of wearable computing devices and it should be no surprise that Augmented Reality plays a role.

Epson and Metaio Get Us Back On Track For Wearable Augmented Reality

One of the big promises of a smart-glasses approach to wearable tech was always augmented reality. Context-specific augmented reality was the most interesting though — meaning that the AR content wa

Metaio CEO Thomas Alt Discusses Augmented Reality For Smartwatches, Google Glass And More

Augmented Reality pioneers <a target="_blank" href="">Metaio</a> hardly qualify as a startup these days (being incorporated since 2003 and funded by a stream of project work from

Metaio Develops First Chipset To Improve Augmented Reality Performance In Mobiles

Today, <a target="_blank" href="">Metaio</a> announced the development of a new Augmented Reality hardware chipset called the "AR Engine". The German AR firm also announced a part

Metaio’s New SDK Allows SLAM Mapping From 1,000 Feet

Munich-based augmented reality pioneers <a target="_blank" href="">Metaio</a> announce today a whole slew of new products. These include: • <a target="_blank" href="http://www

Junaio Augmented Reality Browser Gets A UI Makeover (Video)

When it comes to Augmented Reality browsers on mobile devices, I always particularly liked <a target="_blank" href="">Junaio</a> (just one of the many AR tools created and mainta

Map Your Own 3D Space With Metaio Creator Mobile

Yesterday, <a href="" target="_blank">Metaio</a> CTO Peter Meier ran a small demo for me that describes how their new <a href="

Metaio Adds Gravity To Their Augmented Reality Platform

German augmented reality firm <a href="" target="_blank">Metaio </a>showcased some updates to their core technologies today at <a href="" target="_blank">t

Head Mounted Displays, DIY Augmented Reality And More At InsideAR

I was able to attend <a target="_blank" href="">Metaio's InsideAR 2011 conference</a> last week in Munich and check out many new and updated Augmented Reali

Junaio 3.0 Mobile AR Browser Update. Now Scans Barcodes Too.

<a href="" target="_blank">Junaio</a>, the mobile Augmented Reality browser created by German AR firm <a href="http://ww

Metaio’s Augmented City Demo May Answer The Question Of AR’s Utility

Augmented Reality veterans <a href="" target="_blank">Metaio</a> are announcing some more details about their <a href="" target="_blank

A Little Augmented Reality Check From Metaio

As a fan of Augmented Reality and its potential, I have, for some time, been thinking about how the technology will benefit from the larger screen real estate that tablets provide. There are plenty of
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