Metaio Launches The First Augmented Reality Plugin For Adobe InDesign

We first showed you Metaio’s Creator platform for easy integration of Augmented Reality into magazines, way back in 2011. The software, makes it easy for print designers to select imagery in their layouts and turn those images into AR markers to launch digital content when you view the final magazine page through special software or eyewear. It’s an interesting way to extend the value (and maybe lifespan) of print media in this increasingly digital world.

It’s not a surprise to me that Adobe have chosen to make Metaio’s AR Creator Plugin directly available as a plugin for their very popular print layout program, InDesign. There is also a free demo version and previous purchasers of Metaio’s Creator software don’t have to repurchase the $530 plugin to use it.

Since InDesign is a top layout program, it does make sense to streamline this AR creation workflow for designers by making this capability directly accessible from within Adobe’s software.

It will no doubt increase the volume of print-spawned AR experiences and Adobe definitely has an incentive to see print media extend in new directions and see their software become more valuable as a tool. Get ready for an avalanche of AR enabled print media soon.

Metaio Creator

The demo video at the top describes the process, but there are sure to be more demos at the upcoming Adobe Max and also at Metaio’s own InsideAR conference, both in October.