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  • 17-inch MacBook Pro woes not Nvidia's fault?

    So, Nvidia’s GeForce 9600M GPU may not be causing the screen glitches that have been creeping up on some of the new 17-inch MacBook Pros after all. I know we like to tar and feather Nvidia, but this may just very well be an Apple issue or that’s what Nvidia want us to think. “Our understanding is that Apple is investigating this, and if they need our help we will… Read More

  • Trouble in paradise: What's the matter with the 17-inch MacBook Pro's display?

    You just know that Steve Jobs is pretty upset with Nvidia right now. Reports are popping up detailing video problems currently being suffered by the new 17-inch MacBook Pro. It seems that, for some people, whenever the 9600M is turned on the screen displays all sorts of nasty tearing and color deformities. That picture up there shows the extent to the damage. Read More

  • Oh, one more thing: MacBook Pro gets a bump in speed

    Among all the hoopla of the desktop Mac refreshes this morning, we missed the minuscule MacBook Pro update. The higher-end 15-inch model, you know, the $2500 one, got a processor bump from 2.53GHz to 2.66GHz. And a 256GB SSD for a whopping $750. Not good enough for you, huh? How about a $300 bump to a 2.93GHz processor? In case you haven’t caught on, that puts the high-end 15-inch model… Read More

  • Add a second drive to your MacBook/MBP

    You don’t need that old SuperDrive, do you? Just pop it out of your MB or MBP and pop in this OptiBay hard drive for unibody laptops. You can use the system as a pair of separate drives or as a RAID drive. The upgrade uses SATA and comes in 250GB, 320GB, and 500GB versions. Read More

  • 17-inch MacBook Pro gets broken down

    Those lucky (and sadistic) ducks over at iFixit have taken their brand new 17-inch MBP and torn it down with their usual gusto. As expected, the layout and parts are much like its 15-inch cousin but bigger, and of course the much-advertised battery is different. It was removed like any other… not sure why Apple made such a big deal about it. It’s 12820 mAh, which is a grip &mdash… Read More

  • 17-inch MacBook Pro delayed, shipping in two weeks

    Got some bad news for those MacHeads that pre-ordered the new, unibody 17-inch MacBook Pro. Said notebook has been delayed by two weeks but chances are you already know that from the same email we received from Apple explaining the whole situation. It seems the company is wrapping up whatever magic is within the latest, lap-scorching MBP and will ship ’em out starting on February 19th. Read More

  • Wherein Penny-Arcade illustrates just how bad MacBook Pro overheating really is

    So how hot does your MacBook Pro get? Like, hot hot or just hot? (I have an old MacBook that’s not too bad about that kind of thing.) There’s a delightful message today on Penny-Arcade about how their MacBook Pro, when left to its own devices, becomes extraordinarily hot. Like, otherworldly hot. Read More

  • Got $200? Then buy a matte screen for your 15-inch MacBook Pro!

    A third-party Mac repair company will now slap a matte screen on your 15-inch MacBook Pro. You’ll remember that when the MacBook Pro was introduced in October, plenty of people freaked out because Apple didn’t offer a matte option. Read More

  • New Tom Bihn bags for the new Apple MacBook Pro

    Hot on the heels of the MacWorld announcement of the new unibody 17″ MacBook Pro comes word of new Tom Bihn bags to hold those unibody MacBook Pros. With names like Smart Alec, Empire Builder, and Super Ego, you know they’re good! Read More

  • Eco-Friendly Mac Bags from Targus

    Targus has released a line of eco-friendly bags for the 15″ MacBook Pro that they are calling Spruce EcoSmart. Read for all the details and a full press release. Read More

  • Apple announces unibody 17-inch MacBook Pro

    At the unibody MacBook event back in October, Apple remained mum on the unibody 17″ MacBook Pro, though hinting that one was in the works. During today’s Keynote, Phil Schiller made it official. Read More

  • 17-inch MacBook Pro going unibody with built-in battery

    MacWorld is going to be amazing this year because, get this, there will be a new MBP announced. 9to5Mac reports that the 17-inch MacBook Pro will come in the unibody aluminium design and include a long-life battery pack that is not removable. D’oh! Read More

  • Rumor: Quad-core MacBook Pro at MacWorld

    I’d say this irresponsible and inflammatory rumor is half-true. With Snow Leopard likely being shown off at MacWorld (by Schiller, alas), Apple will want something to make the OS pop a bit. Since Intel’s new budget quad-core processor is just starting to make its rounds, it’s not totally out of the question that Apple will want to include it in the comparatively old… Read More

  • MacBook Pros may not have faulty GPUs after all

    Last week the Inquirer asserted that NVIDIA had knowingly put faulty moble GPUs into the new MacBook Pros — a serious allegation. The 9600M the Inquirer’s well-informed friends examined had the same high-lead solder that failed in so many other laptops. NVIDIA hit back today, saying that although they had promised a “new materials set,” what they meant was that the… Read More

  • It seems the latest Mac firmware doesn't fix the 4GB RAM issues

    Apple sent out new firmware yesterday that was suppose to fix a few items in the latest MacBook Pro. Early reports indicate that it doesn’t seem to fix the RAM issues though. James Kendrick, from jkOnTheRun, is indicating that his system still freezes and locks up with 4GB of RAM installed. Anyone else experiencing the same? Read More

  • Got a new Apple? Time to get your firmware update on

    Unibody Macbooks and MacBook Pros, along with newer MacBook Airs, have gotten a firmware update from Apple, ostensibly addressing “stability issues.” I think they’re talking about that RAM thing because a firmware update isn’t going to change your 9600M’s faulty high-lead solder into eutectic. Oh yes I went there! Read More

  • Scientists: NVIDIA put faulty solder in new MacBook Pros

    This is exactly what I feared might happen when I heard Apple was moving to a full NVIDIA solution, complete with the faulty parts that caused so many other mobile setups to croak. A very thorough article at the Inquirer, based on analysis of a new MacBook Pro teardown by parties who wish to remain anonymous, shows that the solder bumps used in at least their test MBP are in fact the… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: MacBooks and MacBook Pros on sale at Best Buy

    Both the MacBook and the MacBook Pros can now be had below MSRP thanks to a Best Buy sale. This extremely rare opportunity only comes by once every hundred years and isn’t limited to just the old MacBooks with the new all-aluminum models applicable as well, so take advantage of it. Word is that Apple Stores might start matching the Best Buy special pricing in the next few days, too. Read More

  • MacBook performance drops 37 percent without battery installed

    Flickr’d Don’t bother using your MacBook or MacBook Pro without the battery installed unless you’re cool with a huge performance decrease. Gearlog notes that, in the process of doing the thankless task of RAM benchmarks, the MacBook’s performance, as rated using Cinebench, dropped some 37 percent without an installed battery. That is, when plugged into a power… Read More

  • Wait, is that a MacBook Pro in this Vista ad?

    The above is a scan of some Windows Vista promotional material. But, is that an old MacBook Pro this perfect family is using? Now, Apple doesn’t have a monopoly on silver laptops chassis but wouldn’t it have been wiser to have something more distinctly PC? Read More

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