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  • Components Spied For 15-Inch Air-Style MacBook Pro

    Components Spied For 15-Inch Air-Style MacBook Pro

    Habitual component-stream eavesdropper Digitimes says that “a small volume of components” that fit the spec for a 15-inch ultra-thin notebook have shipped, and March of 2012 is their estimate for full-scale device shipping. We’ve talked about Macbook Air DNA being injected into the Pro line, and this is just more evidence of that. The latest update to the notebook line was… Read More

  • Apple Quietly Tweaks MacBook Pro Line-up, Leaves Prices Unchanged

    Apple Quietly Tweaks MacBook Pro Line-up, Leaves Prices Unchanged

    Apple has updated its MacBook Pro offering on the Apple Store, reports This Is My Next, after 9to5Mac earlier leaked details of the notebook product line-up refresh. Don’t expect to see spectacular changes, as the tweaks are relatively minor. They include faster processors, more storage and a number of small graphics updates. Read More

  • Next MacBook Pros To Feature Air DNA?

    Next MacBook Pros To Feature Air DNA?

    The Sandy Bridge update to the Air line has been enough to make some feel the lightweight laptop is ready for prime time (I’m convinced, personally), but it’s still not enough for some. MacBook Pro users are accustomed to more storage, more screen real estate, and a greater number of ports. If rumors are to be believed, the best of both worlds might be on its way, with Air-style… Read More

  • Is Your 2011 MacBook Pro Freezing Up? You're Not The Only One

    It appears that the new MacBook Pros (introduced in February) aren’t quite fully baked. Or rather, they’re a bit overdone: there seems to be a pervasive overheating issue related to the new discrete Radeon GPUs. Read More

  • MicroCenter Takes Up To $200 Off MacBook Pro

    Here’s a quick heads-up for you on this Monday afternoon. MicroCenter will shave off up to $200 on your purchase of one of those new MacBook Pro laptops. That’s handy. Read More

  • iFixit Tears Down The Latest MacBook Pro, Finds MacBook Pro Parts Inside

    When there’s a new gadget, iFixit simply must tear it apart in the name of gadget pr0n. This includes the latest MacBook Pro. The firm found that the battery is the same as the current generation even though the advertised life is slightly lower. (or rather more realistic) It’s also secured separately from other components, allowing it to stay in place rather than removing it… Read More

  • Acme Made's New Clutch And Skinny MacBook Sleeves Now Available At Apple Stores

    If you’re in need of a sexy sleeve for your new Sandy Bridge/Thunderbolt MacBook Pro, you might consider picking up one of these from Acme Made. I reviewed a couple of their bags a while back and I know them to be pretty solid, with nice materials. These two new entries are available only in Apple Stores, though, so you’ll have to move your feet around to get ’em. Read More

  • MacBook Pro Battery Life Appears Shorter, But More Realistic (Using Websites And Even Flash)

    Now that the news about the new MacBook Pros is out there, one thing that may disappoint someone just reading the spec sheet is battery life. Across the board, the Pro is now rated at 7 hours. While still very solid, this is actually a step down from the previous versions which were rated at 8 to 9 hours for the 15 and 17-inch models, and 10 hours for the 13-inch model. So what gives? Well… Read More

  • Death By Air And Thunderbolt: Is It The End Of The Line For The MacBook?

    Death By Air And Thunderbolt: Is It The End Of The Line For The MacBook?

    As you’re undoubtedly aware by now, tomorrow (in just a few hours, really), Apple is expected to unveil their latest line of laptops. News has already started to trickle out about what’s getting upgraded and what’s changing. Noticeably absent in this talk is the MacBook itself. And that begs the question: is it the end of the line for the product? Simply put: it should be. Read More

  • New MacBooks Coming In Next Month?

    There is no confirmation of this other than a vague email from a charming New Zealandee to his customers, but it seems that someone let slip that new MacBooks with SSD “hard drives” and Sandy Trail chipsets are in the offing in the next 20-25 days. Considering the guy who sent this presumably sells MacBooks in New Zealand, his advice to “place your order on hold, but also… Read More

  • Did Intel Just Leak The New MacBook Pros?

    Could his beautiful, svelte, and decidedly black laptop be the new Macbook Pro that should land in stores on or around the ides of March or early April? Probably not, but a girl can dream. Why does it look fairly convincing? Well, as 9to5mac points out, Intel has leaked future MacBooks before and there is some evidence of new MacBooks in the pipe for Best Buy and others. Read More