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So now what? Will Apple still bring a netbook or new Mac Mini to Macworld SF?

We just learned that Steve Jobs is not going to give his annual address at Macworld where he generally announces new Apple product. So…now what? Is Apple still going to announce new products lik

Rumors everywhere! Macworld to bring netbook; updated Mac Mini

This is more like it! Apple events always spur rumors, but the build-up to Macworld ’09 has been uncharacteristically quite – except for the iPhone Nano rumor from yesterday.  So here

Apple says in a soft, soothing voice: Don't worry, Mac Mini lovers, all is well

A concerned blog-reader emailed Apple’s hardware engineering chief Bob Mansfield about the Mac Mini, worried that the diminutive computer would be phased out by a cold, heartless Apple. The repl

Mac Mini to get NVIDIA mobo?

The Mac Mini’s future is in question, but the latest rumor indicates that the cheapest Macintosh might get its motherboard from NVIDIA. Since the late-2008 MacBooks and MacBooks Pro sport the de

Mac Mini receiving updates and not getting kicked off the team?

Claims of the Mac Mini’s demise might have been premature as a new source indicates that a spec bump is coming soon. Macminicolo, a Las Vagas-based Mac Mini firm, is stating that they are 100% p

Oh noes! No more Mac Mini?

Pic from . It’s a colocation service running Minis in a rack. Rumor has it that the Mac Mini will not be shipped to retailers as of today with no word as to when the diminutive little box will e

Dell Studio Hybrid gunning for Mac Mini, EeePC

Dell has a new, rather odd-looking desktop that might tickle your computer bone. It’s called the Studio Hybrid, and it’s the company’s first foray into the trendy yet utterly useless

Mac Mini not going anywhere, anytime soon

Image snagged from here. Some time ago the AI claimed that Apple’s Mac Mini was going down the pooper and that it would soon be pulled from the lineup. Well, as anyone can tell that never happen

I for one welcome our laser-guided, Mac Mini-powered robot masters

[photopress:7579_large_mechrobot.jpg,full,center] Right now, plugged into my Mac I have an iPod Touch, an SD card reader, and a currently charging Palm Centro. Did you know that you can also control a

Steampunk Mac Mini wedding gift looks amazing

Now that’s a good looking Streampunk mod right there. Dave Veloz made a Mac Mini into a Victorian-style computer system (just like the computers they had back then) as a gift for his wife on the

XBox Media Center project being developed for OS X

  Waaaaay back in 2002, a little project known as Xbox Media Center (XBMC) was developed by a group of open source coders. XBMC ran unsigned on the original Xbox via either a hardware modchip or

Asus Nova P20: Mac Mini for PC people

Kudos to CNET UK for referring to the Asus Nova P20 as a “Mac Mini mangler” instead of a “Mac Mini killer” but honestly, I don’t know why people are so hell bent on one t

Newspaper Box Casemod is Cool, Useful

Casemods come and casemods go, and I can’t usually give a damn about them. Sure, they’re neat, your computer is really made of Legos. Awesome. But sometimes I come across one that’s

Lindy Mini NAS On The Cheap

Searching for a bargain NAS and own a Mac Mini? You really couldn’t ask for more with the Lindy Mini NAS. Aside from looking like the Mac Mini’s illegitimate brother, the Mini NAS has spac

Sorry, No New iMac at WWDC Next Week

Uh, oh. Now it looks like there will not, repeat, *not* be any new iMacs at Apple’s WWDC next week. That’s what AppleInsider has learned, at any rate. But AI promises that a major overhaul

Crazy Rumor: Apple To Kill Off Mac Mini This Year

AppleInsider has a source whom it “holds the utmost respect for” that says that Apple will kill off the Mac Mini this year. They cite the fact that Apple never really liked the headless co

Why Haven't CableCARD Home Theater PCs Taken Off?

Over at Zatz Not Funny, the greatest name ever for a blog, Zatz asks an important question: What’s up with CableCARD-ready PCs? Did they fall off the face of the planet, or are people just not e

enano e2 Mini Desktop Makes You Feel Like A Green Giant

What’s shiny black, weighs about 3 pounds, is good on power consumption yet powerful, is mountable and sure to please the ladies? (Minds out of the gutter, people.) It’s the eco-friendly e

Rough Ridin' Mac Mini for Mighty Mac Daddies

We tried to come up with reasons why you’d need to ruggedize a Mac Mini, but we came up with none. Really, a MacBook Pro and a nice bag should be good enough, but apparently some people want to

Mac Mini Updated To 1.83GHz and 1.66GHz Core Duo

, the Mac Mini line has also been upgraded today, albeit with just a speed bump. Instead of getting Core 2 Duos like their screened big brothers, the Mac Mini now has a 1.83GHz Core Duo in the $799 mo