mac mini

  • The new Mac mini gets splayed open

    The latest Mac mini is barely a day old and already we are getting the first look inside the updated computer. Apple kept to the original design though which still requires the use of a putty knife and a bit of patience to open her up. It would be nice if Apple adapted a similar easy swap-out design that the new notebooks sport, but whatya going to do. Inside, there isn’t that much… Read More

  • Apple unleashes a new Mac Mini

    Good morning, Mac Mini. It seems most of the rumors were right and that image was indeed the real deal. Read More

  • iMac and Mac mini updates coming tomorrow?

    Oh, and one more thing. (see what I did there) The latest, and hopefully last, rumor of the day is stating that Apple might release new iMacs and Mac minis tomorrow. That’s right, March 3rd, 2009 which would then leave the Mac Pro and Time Machine update for the also rumored March 24th event. What makes this rumor so special is that it comes packaged with ‘official’ specs. Read More

  • Mac Mini on video? Looks kind of like a cookie tin to me

    The Mac Mini rumors are flying like toasters in System 7 these days, and this one is particularly robust. Although some image analysis on the original picture has shown it to be likely a fake, that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from churning out video of this crytogadget. Read More

  • Apple develops USB-only Mac Mini

    And you thought the mini DisplayPort was bad on the last Mac Mini image. How about this 12-port USB Mac Mini? Read More

  • The five USB port Mac Mini might be and probably is a fake

    A pic surfaced yesterday showing what could be the next Mac Mini but somebody with way too much time examined the photo under filters only to crush our dreams. Apparently the digital artifacts don’t line up or match or something like that, which proves beyond a doubt that at least this pic is not real. Sorry. Super big pic after the jump if you must see why this isn’t the next… Read More

  • Next-gen Mac Mini spied in the wild?

    Chances are Apple is prepping the next version of the Mac Mini. It’s about time for a refresh and this pic might be the real deal. It’s got FireWire 800, Mini DVI along with a Mini DisplayPort, five USB ports and an aluminum-ish finish; everything we would imagine that would be on the next-gen Mac Mini. Now, if we only knew when it will be released. Read More

  • Will the new Mac Mini be based on the spiffy Nvidia Ion?

    Interesting bit of speculation surrounding the Mac Mini. Tom’s Hardware, one of the oldest, bestest hardware-focused sites out there, says that the upcoming Mac Mini speed bump will feature Nvidia’s new Ion platform. Among other things, that can lead to an even smaller Mac Mini. Read More

  • New Mac Minis to use NVIDIA's Ion platform

    Everyone was expecting a Mini refresh at MacWorld, and although the 17-inch MBP is a sweet setup, the Mini has been one of Apple’s more neglected products and people thought it was time. Well, they were sort of right. The new Minis are going to be coming out a little later this year, and they’ll be sporting the NVIDIA Ion platform, which is a combination of the 9400M video… Read More

  • Poll: What's Apple announcing at Macworld 2009

    Despite the big guy not making the coveted keynote himself, the show trudging-on with Apple making its last appearance. So what does Apple have in store for us today or tomorrow? The safe bet is on an updated dual core, dual monitor-supported Mac Mini. But could it be new unibody notebooks? How ’bout a low cost netbook, eh? Or even,*gasp*, an iPhone Nano. Poll after the jump. Read More

  • Latest Mac Mini rumor: multiple display outputs

    My goodness. If the Mac Mini doesn’t recieve an update next week at Macworld, there will be some disappointed MacHeads. We’ve heard dual core CPUs, NVIDIA GPU power, SATA optical drive interface, and a new chassis. But wait! There is more! Read More

  • Rumor: Mac Mini getting a makeover next week

    Time to throw away your old Mac Minis, friends, because new ones are coming next week. TUAW has on good authority (read “some guy told them”) that the new minis will have SATA optical drives that can be replaced with hard drives and that they will look more like the MacBooks with sexier styling and black and aluminum accents. Read More

  • New iMacs to include hotter components, new cooling?

    The new line of iMacs due early this coming year are likely to sport some pretty serious upgrades, most notably (we reckon) a quad-core processor and new NVIDIA chipsets. Of course, this more powerful hardware will be producing more heat, and if Apple wants to keep the iMac and Mini lines trim and svelte, they may be putting a bit of work into a new cooling system. Read More

  • New Mac Mini leaked?! No, absolutely not

    Macenstein got a hot tip from some mysterious stranger claiming to have found the newest Mac Mini design with the Apple-esque tagline “The world’s smallest desktop computer.” Read More

  • So now what? Will Apple still bring a netbook or new Mac Mini to Macworld SF?

    We just learned that Steve Jobs is not going to give his annual address at Macworld where he generally announces new Apple product. So…now what? Is Apple still going to announce new products like the heavily rumored Apple netbook or new Mac Mini. How about the rest of the aluminum MacBook Pro lineup including a larger 17-inch model? Also, how about a new iPhone? What are all the… Read More

  • Rumors everywhere! Macworld to bring netbook; updated Mac Mini

    This is more like it! Apple events always spur rumors, but the build-up to Macworld ’09 has been uncharacteristically quite – except for the iPhone Nano rumor from yesterday.  So here we go with some real Apple rumors. Read More

  • Apple says in a soft, soothing voice: Don't worry, Mac Mini lovers, all is well

    A concerned blog-reader emailed Apple’s hardware engineering chief Bob Mansfield about the Mac Mini, worried that the diminutive computer would be phased out by a cold, heartless Apple. The reply came loud and clear through Apple’s executive care saying there is no plans in the near term for an update but that the Mac Mini is not dead but just resting and updates should come soon. Read More

  • Mac Mini to get NVIDIA mobo?

    The Mac Mini’s future is in question, but the latest rumor indicates that the cheapest Macintosh might get its motherboard from NVIDIA. Since the late-2008 MacBooks and MacBooks Pro sport the dedicated graphic GPUs, the rumor doesn’t seem to far off in left field. Having a Mac Mini equipped with decent graphic capabilities would give curious onlookers one more reason to jump… Read More

  • Mac Mini receiving updates and not getting kicked off the team?

    Claims of the Mac Mini’s demise might have been premature as a new source indicates that a spec bump is coming soon. Macminicolo, a Las Vagas-based Mac Mini firm, is stating that they are 100% percent sure that Amazon’s best selling desktop computer will be around to fight another day and should receive Apple’s latest standard upgrades of a Mini DisplayPort output, 4GB… Read More

  • Oh noes! No more Mac Mini?

    Pic from . It’s a colocation service running Minis in a rack.
    Rumor has it that the Mac Mini will not be shipped to retailers as of today with no word as to when the diminutive little box will ever ship again. The Mini, as you recall, was supposed to be the cheapest Mac ever and at about $599 on the low end it actually was. Unfortunately, the Mini sold very poorly and there is talk… Read More