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  • Rack Your Mac Mini Like A Man

    With the XServe gone and buried, there’s not much out there when in comes to 1U rackmount macs – or is there? This rack from Sonnet holds two Mac Minis in a rackmount enclosure that allows for full access to the CD drive, power LEDs, and even the IR port on the unibody Mini. The kit costs $169 and includes wiring and ventilation systems so your Minis don’t get too hot. The… Read More

  • Sonnet Outs VESA Mounting System for The New Mac Mini

    The Mac Mini is wonderfully small so why waste precious desk when you can simply mount the computer on the back of your monitor? The idea is nothing new, but Sonnet’s system works worth the update Mac Mini. The mounting system attaches to the rear of your monitor using the VESA mounting points, but is designed to provide full access to the Mini’s optical drive, SD card slot and all… Read More

  • Give the new Mac Mini your own color scheme courtesy of Colorware

    Colorware’s latest victim is the new twist-off Mac Mini. This means you can finally give it a proper Apple color scheme rather than the stale aluminum look. Read More

  • iFixit Breaks Down the Mac Mini

    Our friends at iFixit have taken the new Mac Mini apart to show us it’s insides. From the looks of it, it was a pretty easy break down, with not too many parts inside. And, it looks just as good inside as i does out – in true Apple fashion. Here are the highlights: Read More

  • Apple TV Is Even Less Of A Hobby For Now Thanks To The New Mac Mini

    Apple TV Is Even Less Of A Hobby For Now Thanks To The New Mac Mini

    Last night, as we waited to pre-order the new iPhone 4, Apple had a surprise for us: a new Mac mini. Never having owned a Mac mini, normally this wouldn’t get me excited. But this one is different. This time, Apple decided to include a HDMI port and is highlighting the fact that you can easily hook it up to your HD television. In other words, it’s like an Apple TV on steroids. And… Read More

  • Apple releases "Unibody" Mac Mini

    In a surprise move Apple released a new “unibody” Mac Mini starting at $699 and featuring an HDMI card and SD card slot. The new computer comes in server and desktop versions. The server version lacks an optical drive and runs OS X Snow Leopard Server while the standard version has received an spec impressive bump. Inside its sleek, compact enclosure, the new Mac mini includes… Read More

  • Apple's Midnight Surprise: A Redesigned Mac Mini With HDMI

    Most Apple fanatics have been counting down to June 15 as the date the iPhone 4 would be available for pre-sale. But Apple had another trick up its sleeve tonight as well. While everyone is distracted on the iPhone page, Apple has quietly refreshed its Mac mini line of computers. And it’s more than your standard spec bump. The Mac mini has been given an entirely new slimmer (1.4… Read More

  • Mac Mini Rumor #4,578

    The Mac Mini has its fair share of rumors and the latest is really just more of the same. Apparently there is a worldwide Mac Mini shortage, which leads some so-called pundits into thinking a new model is coming soon. But to their credit, they’re probably right. The Core 2 Duo Mac Mini is ripe for a refresh. Read More

  • Apple prepping a Mac mini with HDMI? And Blu-ray?

    The Mac mini has long been a HTPC fan favorite. It’s small, quiet, yet powerful. But it doesn’t have an HDMI port, which makes many Apple clowns sad. But hold on, a rumor just popped up that states that Apple is working on a Mac mini with *gasp* an HDMI port! Read More

  • Presenting an apple pie molded after an Apple computer

    It’s an Apple pie. Get it? [Geek Crafts via technabob] Read More

  • Mac Mini and iMacs to be in short supply, update coming soon?

    Apple has apparently told its direct-sales partners like the Apple Stores not to order new iMacs or Mac Minis and don’t expect any more shipments either. This can mean only one of two things: Apple is going bankrupt or there are new models coming real soon. Read More

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