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  • A Mid-Summer Trip To The Apple Rumor Mill

    A Mid-Summer Trip To The Apple Rumor Mill

    It’s almost that time of year again, friends. New movies are terrible, kids are sucking down popsicles and my office is like a moist toaster oven. It’s nearly back to school time! That means in our little trivial world that it’s time for new gadgets and the Internet rumor mill is lining up quite a big showing from Apple. Of course it’s always this way. The rumors… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 8GB iPod Touch For $185 Shipped

    Quick! You’ve got three and a half hours (as of my writing this) to pick up a new iPod touch at this solid price — $185 is $45 off the normal $230. 8GB isn’t a lot of space, to be sure, but for a dedicated streaming music and app machine, this is a great deal. Head over to eBay’s daily deal page to pick one up. [via 9to5Mac] Read More

  • The Second Generation Yosion Peel Brings More 3G Fun To The iPod Touch

    Yosion is back with the Apple Peel 520. Just like the first device, the Apple moniker is a bit of a lie. You see this device is not made nor endorsed by Jobs & Co. If anything, it’s lawyer bait as it transforms the iPod touch into a fully-functional iPhone. The second generation goes a bit farther than just bringing 3G calling to the device. Yeah, you’re going to like this. Read More

  • Many iPhone App Downloads Jumped 2-3X On Christmas

    It’s beginning to look like Apple may have had a very, very merry Christmas. Not that it should surprise anyone given how many of their products were on year-end “best-of” lists. But some data that has started to come in over the past few days points to Apple’s Christmas surge once again being led by the mainstays: the iPhone and iPod touch (and probably the iPad as… Read More

  • Survey: Kids Want iOS Devices Instead Of Consoles This Year

    Well this is potentially huge. A Nielsen survey says that more kids this holiday season are interested in iOS devices than traditional consoles. You know what this means: time to throw your PS3s and Xbox 360s into the village pyre. Read More

  • Blue's Mikey: The Big, Nice Microphone For iPods/iPhones

    While I rarely am able to get out to tape Dead shows anymore – what with most of the the band-members being dead themselves – this would have been a great help back when I was shipping reel-to-reels all over the country with little notes saying “Check out Ripple on this one. Man, you can hear Jerry’s stomach rub up against the mic stand.” It’s basically a… Read More

  • All Right, Apple, Let's Talk About The iPod Touch's Camera

    I’ve been putting this post off for a while, since I decided at the launch of the new iPod touch that I would give Apple the benefit of the doubt and not pursue this particular issue, since hey, it was Apple’s special day, and I didn’t want to spoil it by nagging them. But as CrunchGear’s resident non-expert on imaging devices and sensors, I just have to ask: what the… Read More

  • VLC For iPhone And iPod Touch Imminent

    Good news for iOS users: versatile video app VLC has been submitted to the App Store as a universal app, and I see no reason why it should be rejected. Expect to join your iPad brethren in playing a variety of video files without the need to jailbreak or part with your hard-earned gold pieces. Read More

  • Colorware Is Now Doing Its Thing With The iPod Touch 4G

    Not happy with the stock iPod touch’s stock look? Alrighty, head over to Colorware and order up one of its custom painted models, which now includes the latest iPod touch model. Read More