“Bounce” Along To Apple’s Latest iPod TV Ad

If iPods could dance, it would look a lot like this new commercial Apple has just posted to its website. The ad shows a plethora of colorful iPod touch, iPod nano, and iPod shuffles bouncing around.

In fact, the ad itself is called “Bounce.”

There’s plenty to be proud about with Apple’s latest generation iPods, especially the 5th gen touch with a 4-inch Retina display, Siri, and a more powerful A5 chipset. But in this ad, Apple’s chosen to play the color card, as the entirely new family of iPods now comes in a variety of color flavors.

Perhaps the next ads will focus on theiPod Nano‘s resurrected display or Siri’s presence on the all-new iPod touch.

For now, get down to Willy Moon’s “Yeah Yeah” and don’t forget to put a little bounce in your step.