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  • Scratched iPod nano? Legal settlement could mean money in your pocket

    The Los Angeles County Superior Court is pursuing a settlement for owners of scratched up first-generation iPod nanos. The suit alleges that early runs of the devices “contained a design or manufacturing defect that resulted in excessive scratching.” Read More

  • Xpod: Tiny speakers, presumably tiny sound

    These portable Xpod speakers are about the size of the iPod nano. As such, they couldn’t possibly sound any better than two wires connected to a dirty penny. The two-channel 770mW amp hardly belies that metaphor. Moving on. Any USB port can charge them, so, at the very least, you won’t be scrambling to find batteries when they die during the “good part” of that one… Read More

  • Review: iStik for the iPod Nano 3G

    I’ll keep this review short and sweet. The Good
    Super strong magnets keep this case in place and actually manage to keep your fat nano from falling out. It freaks people out, too, which I like. Read More

  • Rare 4GB long Nano in the European wild

    Some Belgians discovered a 4GB red iPod hanging out somewhere in Europe, a device steve never mentioned during his keynote. Could this be fake? It’s on sale for about $220 and is only available in Europe so if you’re a completist feel free to buy a ticket and head over. I suspect some sort of trickery, though, so let’s see what happens when someone actually gets their hands… Read More

  • New Nano vs. New Zune: Fight!

    Microsoft’s preemptive strike against Apple yesterday may not have the star power of the Stevenote (Jack Johnson?), but it did make the Zune even more competitive. As of this moment, the li’l Zune and iPod Nano have the same capacities and same pricing. So unless you’re already committed to buying one or the other, you may want to look at their capabilities before dropping… Read More

  • New iPod Nano: tiny and colorful, like a baby cockatoo

    I’m sure you were witness to live coverage of the Stevenote, whether here or elsewhere. You must have seen that the new Nano is now actually available to buy. What’s new? Well, it’s extremely tiny for one thing. I didn’t think it could get much smaller even before the fat nano, but this thing is a real wisp. They also have more space, with 8GB for $150 and 16GB for… Read More

  • New iPod Nano designs revealed, iPod Touch 2G as well

    Well, at least their dimensions have been revealed; You can’t tell much from these Asteroids-esque design docs, but you can see that the Nano is thin and tall (much like me) though not as much so as this thing. The supposed new Touch design is iPhoney and a little thicker, probably to incorporate some of the same hardware changes as the 3G. You can view the full pictures after the hump. Read More

  • XSKN's 4th gen iPod Nano cases shipping now!

    Apple events don’t excite me anymore. XSKN Thanks for the tip, Michael! Read More

  • Wear your iPod like a name badge with iStik

    When doing activities with your iPod, sometimes it’s hard to find a good place to put it. Your pockets are no good since it can fall out if the activity involves running or jumping. Another option is an arm strap, which I find uncomfortable and distracting. Well, now there’s a new option called the iStik. It’s a plastic enclosure that has four magnets on the back. It works… Read More

  • Apple will gladly replace your exploding iPod nano

    Things aren’t looking too good for Apple in Japan today after it was reported that first-gen nanos have been smoking and/or sparking causing minor burns. And now Apple will gladly replace your first-gen Nano if it’s been smoking or sparking. They should replace them all regardless, IMO. Might as well contact AppleCare like they say to find out. “Apple has determined that… Read More

  • iPod Nano batteries suspected of overheating, setting tatami mats on fire

    Japanese media are reporting today the government is investigating a possible battery defect in the iPod Nano, sold by Apple Japan. Apparently, one iPod Nano (model MA005) scorched a Japanese traditional “tatami” mat (made of woven soft rush straw) in January. Another model, the MA099, singed nearby paper in August.  Both incidents took place in Tokyo but even though the devices… Read More

  • iPod rumors: more memory, less price, GPS?

    We know Apple recently warned their resellers to stock up on certain items, in expectation of an inventory and manufacturing crunch. As the supply chain stabilizes itself, rumors abound about what it all means. Most tend to believe that the upcoming iPods will feature larger storage and at cheaper prices. Considering the success of the iPhone 3G, that should be a given. The iPod touch, features… Read More

  • Maybe: Next iPod nano to have bigger screen, larger form factor

    Is this what the new iPod nano will look like? So says iLounge, a site that doesn’t really deal in nonsense rumors. Apple is keen to incorporate a larger screen in this year’s nano, but the only way to do that is by using a form factor like the one pictured here. Sorta reminds you of the old iPod mini, right? The screen would have the same 1.5:1 aspect ratio as the iPhone and… Read More

  • Buy a Mac, get an iPod touch or nano for free (again)

    Like years past, Apple is offering a deal for incoming college students, and it’s more or less the same one it has offered in the past. Students who buy a Mac (which includes the MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac) will get a free iPod touch or iPod nano. My advice: go with the MacBook+iPod touch combo. You can’t bring an iMac to class, and an iPod touch can do so much… Read More

  • Icebar waterproof speakers for your Nano

    These waterproof speakers seem to hit a pretty good combination of price, looks, and functionality — assuming they sound good. The set can hang by a strap for the shower, or you can use the built-in stand to put it in the soap dish if you’re the bath type. It’s only for iPod Nanos, but there are plenty of you with those out there. The touch wheel area has a little membrane… Read More

  • Sue-happy Canadians get $45 from Apple

    Apple Canada Inc. is offering $45 credits to Canadians who own the first-third generation iPods purchased before June 24th, 2004. This settlement is a result of two iPod owners suing when their one-year-old iPods died after 3 hours of use, not 8 like the packaging claims prompting to subvert the standard image of “nice” Canadians and encouraging them to file a class-action suit… Read More

  • New iPods in Q3, says the rejected component supplier

    Wolfson Microelectronics has apparently been shafted by Apple and will not supply parts for the next refresh of iPods. An individual close to the matter has revealed to Reuters that a new iPod Nano and iPod Touch are slated for a Q3 release. This falls in line with historical iPod refreshes/introductions as they typically come out in September or October. There’s no word on whether… Read More

  • Crunch Network

    The random endorsement: iPod nano

    I see myself as slightly less corrupt Krusty the Clown. I won’t put my name on just any product, no sir. There won’t be any Deleon Brand Grade F Meat Substitute nor will you see my name on books I don’t approve of. So when I endorse a product, rest assured that you can say to yourself, “Hey man, if Deleon’s down with that, I need to be down with that.” Then… Read More

  • From The Fat Nano Fairy: New Nano To Come In 8GB and 16GB, Plays Video, Don't Call It a Nano

    According to the mystical Fat Nano Fairy, the following are facts about the upcoming Fat Nano: 1. The new, fat iPod Nano will likely come in 8GB and 16GB versions. 2. It will have video playback. 3. It will not be called “Nano” anymore. There will be a new product name. The Fat Nano Fairy isn’t sure what it’ll be called, though “Flower” is something… Read More

  • Nike Amp+ Watch Does The Dirty With The FCC

    Following the success of the Nike+iPod Sport Kit that’s taken the running world by storm is the Amp+ watch that commandeers your iPod nano while you’re jogging off that flab. It even has a fancy scrolling LED giving you updates on your workout. We’re still unsure of the official release, but you can check out the manual and test results in the mean time. Now get up and… Read More