Apple Announces The New iPod nano: 2.5″ Display, Home Button, 38% Thinner, 7 Colors

Of course all eyes are on the brand new iPhone, but everybody loves a good iPod refresh. Today, the company has announced a new batch of iPod models, not least of which is the brand new iPod nano.

The iPhone may have taken the cake in recent months, but the iPod is the most popular music player of all time, according to Apple. And with the iTunes refresh today, there’s no better time to learn about brand new iPods. But no more fodder, let’s get down to business.

iPod nano

Last year the revamped iPod nano wasn’t all that revamped — it was the same design as the 2010 model. But Apple has made some changes this year, re-introducing the display, and making it larger at 2.5-inches.. It looks a bit like a small phone.

It’s the thinnest iPod nano to date, at 5.4mm thick, 38 percent thinner. There are physical controls along the side of the device.

It also has a home button just like the iPhone.

It comes in 7 different color flavors, black, white, pink, green, blue, yellow, and red. The company has an FM tuner integrated with live pause, along with widescreen video. No letter boxing this time.

A fitness and pedometer have also been included, to compete with the likes of the Nike Fuel Band, and Moto ACTV. And as connectivity continues to be more and more important, the company has included Bluetooth.

As expected, Apple is putting the brand new lightning connector on the bottom of the device, and expanded the battery life to 30 hours of music.

In related news, Apple is announcing new color flavors for the much-loved iPod shuffle.

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