The Bluetooth-Enabled Syre Is The iPod Nano Watch Strap You’ve Been Looking For

iPod Nano straps have been around for a year or so now and they’ve been approximately exciting as tying a string to an iPod Classic and hanging it around your waist. Here’s something completely different. The Syre is a Bluetooth-enabled Nano watch case that transmits the audio wirelessly to compatible headphones. That’s right – no more looking like a weirdo with headphone cables sticking out of your wrist.

No battery specs but the entire watch encases the Nano, protecting the headphone port and jack from water and perspiration. It has a built-in battery.


The case, created by Anyé Spivey, is about to launch as a Kickstarter project but you can check it out now right here. They’re going to sell the watches with Bluetooth for $50 and they’re aiming for $75,000 in funding before they manufacture.