The iPod Nano Wristwatch Gets Slightly Less Ridiculous

The original iPod Nano watch was a little raw, and the follow-up from Incipio wasn’t much of an improvement. And let’s be honest, this new one isn’t going to win any awards either. But at least if you want to embarrass yourself publicly, you have more options than ever now.

The silicone Hex band lets you snap your Nano right into it, and has little buttons for controlling the player. And there’s a hole for plugging in your headphones… which of course are now attached to your wrist, so you have to put the cord up your sleeve. Not exactly GQ.

And of course, they still haven’t fixed the fact that the watch won’t tell time for one whole day straight, or that it’s not water resistant, or that people will see it and laugh, laugh, laugh.

[via Gizmodo]