WALdok: A Wee iPod Nano Dock

Another day, another Kickstarter project. This one is a little iPod Nano dock that looks like a Glade Plug-In. It plugs right into the wall and then you pop the Nano on top. An internal hollow amplifies the sound and, well, that’s it.

Design wise, we wanted to develop a product that was: portable and small in form-factor, convenient yet out of the way (no cords!), while not compromising on sound quality. Early form inspirations were wall plug-in nightlights and scented oil warming devices. Another important consideration was to complement both the minimalist rectilinear design of the iPod nano, WHILE addressing the round form-factor of the large speaker driver.

For a $79 pledge you get one of the docks and the designer has hit $79 out of $30,000 so, um, I guess act fast.

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