iPhone Event 2016

Everything you need to know from Apple’s iPhone 7 event

Apple held its annual September press conference in San Francisco on Wednesday, unveiling the iPhone 7 at long last. CEO Tim Cook took the stage (after a charming bout of Carpool Karaoke) to introduce

Playing around with the Apple Watch Series 2

Maybe there’s a theme emerging here — behind-the-scenes tweaks while maintaining aesthetic consistency with past generations. Like the new iPhone, the Apple Watch Series 2 is pretty much aesth

Trying out Apple’s fully wireless AirPods

The AirPods were as close as we got to an honest-to-goodness hardware surprise at today’s big Apple event in San Francisco — though anyone who heard tell of the untimely demise of the headphon

Up close with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Here we are in a post-headphone jack world. I don’t know about you, but I expected thing to feel different, like that part in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy sees color for the first time. But there y

Apple also doubles storage on old iPads and makes high-end iPad Pro models cheaper

Apple hasn’t mentioned the iPad during its press conference, but it doesn’t mean that the company has no news for the device. The iPhone 7 finally starts with 32GB of storage, and the iPad is also

All the ways you are probably going to lose an AirPod

Apple has some wireless earbuds! They’re $159, and they aren’t connected by a cable to anything. They go right into your ear when they aren’t in a case that’s charging them. Th

Apple Pay comes to Japan, New Zealand and Russia this fall; hits the web on September 13

Apple Pay will arrive in three more countries this fall: Japan, New Zealand and Russia, and will hit the web alongside the launch of iOS 10 on September 13th. The web version of Apple’s payments

Apple unveiled the $159 wireless AirPods

If $159 sounds like a lot of money for 8 grams, it’s because it is. Shortly after introducing the iPhone 7, Apple unveiled the AirPods. If you’re familiar with the existing EarPods, you’ll feel

No, Apple, digital zoom still sucks

Apple continues to dance a sexy dance for photographers all over the world, launching better cameras with more features and higher quality. But when Phil Schiller, VP of marketing at Apple stands on a

All of the videos from Apple’s iPhone event

Apple’s method of unveiling new products is methodical, but effective. With each new release comes a beautifully shot, usually narrated introduction video. If you’re looking for a quick wa

iPhone 7 pre-orders start on September 9 and ships on September 16

Now that Apple introduced the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, it’s time to look at this year’s iPhone lineup. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will be available to pre-order on September 9 and will ship a wee

Apple’s iOS 10, watchOS 3 to arrive on September 13

Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS 10, along with the new release of watchOS, will be arriving on September 13, the company confirmed today at its iPhone 7 press event. The updated iOS brings

Apple’s A10 Fusion optimizes power consumption to give you more battery life

Apple introduced the iPhone 7 today. It’s 40 percent faster than last year’s A9, and twice as fast as the A8. It’s 240 times faster than the first iPhone. More interestingly, it&#821

Apple kills headphone jack (1878 – 2016). RIP.

With the newest iPhone 7, Apple is saying buh-bye to a technology that's been going strong for almost 140 years. It has served us well, but the Cupertino-based maven today announced it decided that en

No, really, the headphone jack is more useful than you think!

Apple today announced that the newest generation iPhone will do away with the headphone jack. Obviously sad if you just bought an expensive new pair of headphones, but the interface is used for a lot

Here’s why the iPhone 7 Plus has two cameras

As long rumored, the new iPhone — one of them, anyway — has a dual-camera setup on the back. What's the benefit of this crazy contraption?

Apple *officially* unveils the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

We already know that it’s water resistant, has stereo speakers, and has a brand new camera (because Apple accidentally tweeted about it earlier today). But Apple is finally unveiling the next-ge

Truecaller beefs up its spam call detection thanks to Apple’s CallKit Extension in iOS 10

Apple just took a big step to helping with that crackdown after it unveiled its CallKit Extension for iOS 10 which gives third-party apps increased access to its system.

Apple unveils the Apple Watch Series 2

In the introduction video, Apple insisted on the water resistant feature. The Sport version comes in silver, space gray, rose gold and gold. And it looks just like the original Apple Watch — there s

Apple’s App Store gets a “Notify” button for soon-to-launch apps

Apple surprised everyone this morning at its iPhone press event with its announcement that Nintendo’s iconic character Mario was finally arriving on the App Store in a brand-new game, but an i
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