Apple also doubles storage on old iPads and makes high-end iPad Pro models cheaper

Apple hasn’t mentioned the iPad during its press conference, but it doesn’t mean that the company has no news for the device. The iPhone 7 finally starts with 32GB of storage, and the iPad is also receiving a storage bump.

The 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros already start at 32GB, so only old iPad models are getting more gigs. In particular, the $399 iPad Air 2 now has 32GB instead of 16GB, and the $399 iPad mini 4 also comes with 32GB.

This move also simplifies the lineup a bit, removing some options for the iPad mini 4 and the iPad mini 2, which is still around.

As for the iPad Pro, some options were quite expensive, so Apple is making the most expensive Pro models a bit more accessible. All devices still start at the same price with 32GB, but now you can upgrade to 128GB, 256GB and LTE for less money.

Here’s the new lineup:


Via: MacRumors