• Google Clarifies Their H.264 Stance, Hands Keys Of Web Video's Future Back To Flash

    Google Clarifies Their H.264 Stance, Hands Keys Of Web Video's Future Back To Flash

    Earlier this week, Google wrote a very short post on their relatively small Chromium blog to announce a big change: they were dropping support for the H.264 codec in Chrome. While they may have tried to whisper it, the post resulted in a shitstorm that reached high into the heavens. It seems as if just about everyone weighed in on the decision (including us, twice). As a result of the… Read More

  • After A Four Year Run, Firefox Is No Longer The Top Browser On TechCrunch — Chrome Is

    It has finally happened. It took a little longer than anticipated, but Chrome has now passed Firefox as the browser most often used to visit TechCrunch. For the month of November, Chrome is number one for the first time, edging out Firefox 27.80 percent to 27.67 percent. Back in early September, on Chrome’s second birthday, we noted that Google’s browser had been making huge gains… Read More

  • Microsoft Sends Us Crayons, Fails To Tell Us IE9 Beta Launches Sept 15

    Microsoft Sends Us Crayons, Fails To Tell Us IE9 Beta Launches Sept 15

    Today, as I walked into TechCrunch headquarters after this morning’s Google Android event, I was approached by a sweaty man who had clearly just ridden his bicycle across town. He’d come to deliver a large, white box that had only a single marking: a tiny Internet Explorer sticker. “This will probably be mediocre,” I said to myself. “Goofy” would have been… Read More

  • Internet Explorer Bucks The Trend As Worldwide Usage Grew By 0.57% In June

    Internet Explorer Bucks The Trend As Worldwide Usage Grew By 0.57% In June

    Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is showing early signs of a ‘comeback’, reversing a practically constant slide in browser usage over the past few years for the month of June, according to figures just released by Net Applications. Still the dominant browser in terms of market share any way you slice it, Internet Explorer appears to be reclaiming share at the expense of… Read More

  • StatCounter: IE6 Usage Falls Below 5% In The US, But IE8 Still On The Rise

    Microsoft’s oft-lamented browser, Internet Explorer 6, may finally be put to rest. This will make many a Web developer happy – but also Microsoft itself. Web analytics company StatCounter claims its latest global data set shows IE6 usage in the US and Europe has fallen to 4.7 percent of the market from 11.5 percent a year ago. That said, IE8 usage in the US increased to 30.5 percent… Read More

  • Where Did Internet Explorer's Browser Share Go?

    Yesterday, browser market share figures came out from Net Applications, and the big news is how Chrome is moving up the ranks at the expense of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and even Firefox, compared to December.  But you have to look further back to get a sense of what is really happening. The various flavors of Internet Explorer (IE6, IE7, and IE8) together have 62.1 percent… Read More

  • Google: A Web Browser Is Not A Computer, Not A Search Engine, And Not A Ham Sandwich

    Google has spent a significant amount of time over the past couple of years building a very impressive web browser, Chrome. By most accounts, it’s the fastest around, and isn’t system resource heavy, and those who use it seem to love it. But there’s a tiny little problem: Being the best product doesn’t matter when general users have no idea what the product even is. Read More

  • Mozilla Shows Microsoft Where $10,000 Is Buried

    Yesterday, we poked fun at Microsoft’s tacky $10,000 online treasure hunt to get people to use IE8, at the domain We were hardly the only ones. Today, a developer at Mozilla, makers of IE rival Firefox, weighed in with his own way of mocking Microsoft: The site is simply a Google Map zoomed out to a certain point. If you zoom in… Read More

  • If Only The Hungry Used IE8, They Could Get $10,000 Rather Than $0.14 From Microsoft

    I love the range of Microsoft’s campaigns to get people to use Internet Explorer 8. They spread from offering to feed the homeless if you download it, to offering you the chance at $10,000 dollars. It’s quite impressive, really. I think we all know my feelings about Microsoft using charity in a misleading way to drive IE8 downloads, but this latest promotion is just kind of pathetic. Read More

  • Video: BGR demos the BlackBerry Bold's Web browser Dare I say it, but I think my interest in the Bold is beginning to wane. BGR demos both IE and FF emulators that both crash, but that OS sure does it look pretty. Of course, I can’t pass judgment on something I haven’t seen in person, yet. Any BlackBerry fans being swayed either way by this video? Read More

  • Video: YouTube running in Flash in IE on WinMo 6.1 Peter took this at CTIA earlier today. Windows Mobile 6.1 is shaping up to be a pretty good upgrade, but I’m still looking forward to 7. Read More