Microsoft Sends Us Crayons, Fails To Tell Us IE9 Beta Launches Sept 15

Today, as I walked into TechCrunch headquarters after this morning’s Google Android event, I was approached by a sweaty man who had clearly just ridden his bicycle across town. He’d come to deliver a large, white box that had only a single marking: a tiny Internet Explorer sticker. “This will probably be mediocre,” I said to myself.

“Goofy” would have been a more accurate prediction. Inside, I found a handful of confetti along with an array of crayons, colored pencils, and paints that would put some pre-schools to shame. There was also a single, not-so-mysterious note emblazoned with the text Given my extensive sleuthing skills it did not take me long to attempt to plug the domain into my browser, only to repeatedly meet a “401 – Unauthorized” error that said I had invalid credentials. My attention waned and I went off to play with my new crayons.

It wasn’t until an hour later (an eternity in tech press time) that I saw an official blog post informing me that this misfire was part of the buildup to the launch of Microsoft’s IE9 Beta — slated to debut on September 15 at a special event called Beauty of the Web.

I’m still not sure what the crayons were for.