• Buy A NASA Hasselblad Camera

    Want to stage your own moon landing? Pick up one of these nice Hasslblad cameras for $35K or so and take some pictures of a flag waving on a windless moon while your partner and a boom mic is reflected in your dome-like helmet. Read More

  • Whether you go Leica or Hasselblad, you're buying Kodak

    This is interesting. I really had no idea that Kodak was the sensor provider for both Leica and Hasselblad, whose near-medium-format professional DSLRs have been the talk of the town lately. Good for Kodak! I like it when companies are behind the scenes and don’t steal the thunder — companies like IBM and Broadcom that make the hardware that makes the hardware. I wonder then if… Read More

  • Hasselblad's H3D-II 50 has 50 megapixels just for you

    Now here’s a nice-looking camera.It might even take nice pictures! With an FPS of 1 and max ISO of 400, it’s obviously not for action shots or taking to the club, but if you’re a product or portrait photographer, this might be a nice investment — if you’ve got the lenses to go with it. After all, with an image of that size (they’re 300MB each… Read More