Hasselblad Bought By Capital Fund, Could The Hasselblad 4 Kidz Kamera Be Coming Soon?

Hasselblad, makers of $10,000+ cameras that once flew to the moon, is now owned by the Ventizz Capital Fund IV, a Swiss/German capital fund. Not much will change, at least internally, but there is some thought being put to expanding the Hasselblad line to the general public, a move that sounds just about ham-handed enough for a Swiss/German capital fund to try.

Considering their flagship device is the H4D-200MS, a 200 megapixel shooter that costs more than a Honda Jazz, I’d worry that Ventizz will dilute the brand by pumping out 12-megapixel, rebadged Panasonics like Leica. However, knowing the Teutonic luxury market that’s probably exactly what they’ll do and people will eat it up.

Hasselblad set for growth under new European owners

30/06/2011 Hasselblad, the premium medium format camera manufacturer, is planning a rapid expansion of cutting edge capture products and is set to target new imaging markets following the company’s acquisition by Ventizz Capital Fund IV, LP, a private equity investor exclusively advised by Swiss- and Germany based Ventizz Capital Partners AG.

Ventizz, which specializes in funding growth in companies across various high-tech industry sectors including communications technology and renewable energy, says it plans ‘no major structural or key management changes’ at Hasselblad.

Announcing the move Dr. Larry Hansen, Hasselblad Chairman & CEO said: “After eight years of ownership by the Hong Kong-based Shriro group, Hasselblad is now moving back to its European roots. History shows that for over half a century we have been the leading manufacturer and partner for photographers working in the medium format environment and seeking highest quality and ongoing innovation. In 2002 we pioneered the revolutionary Hasselblad H-Camera System – the most comprehensive digital camera system of its kind available today, with its unique advancements such as True Focus and instant lens correction in our Phocus software.”

He added: “Ventizz has a very impressive funding pedigree in the technology marketplace and our joint focus now will be on both maintaining our market-leading position with ongoing, advanced high-end camera products and also on exploiting the potential we see in brand new markets.”

Hasselblad has recently launched the H4D-200MS, a top end multi-shot camera delivering unprecedented 200 megapixels.

via Engadget