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Google makes its local reviews easier to use when traveling with automated translation

Google announced today it’s making its business reviews easier to access and read when you’re traveling by performing automatic translation. The company says it will now translate the user

Google makes its Translate mobile apps available for users in China

Google has reintroduced its Translate mobile apps to China, where they can now be accessed and used without the need for software to bypass local censorship. The U.S. tech giant left China more than s

Google’s smarter, A.I.-powered translation system expands to more languages

Last fall, Google introduced a new system for machine-assisted language translations, Google Neural Machine Translation system (GNMT), which takes advantage of deep neural networks to translate entire

Google’s AI translation tool seems to have invented its own secret internal language

All right, don't panic, but computers have created their own secret language and are probably talking about us right now. Well, that's kind of an oversimplification, and the last part is just plain un

Online linguistic search engine Ludwig helps get your English on

f you’ve ever tried to write in a language that isn’t your own, you are probably well aware of at least two things: first, writing requires much more time than usual and, second, even on

Google Translate gets in-app translations on Android, offline mode on iOS

Google is launching an update to its Translate apps for iOS and Android today. There are three main parts to today’s announcement: offline support for iOS, Tap To Translate on Android, and Word

Google Translate Now Has More Than 100 Languages And Covers 99 Percent Of The Online Population

Google’s online translation tool hit a major milestone today as it nears its 10th anniversary. After adding 13 new languages, including Hawaiian and Kurdish, Google Translate now includes more than

Google Translate’s App Now Instantly Translates Printed Text In 27 Languages

One of the most intense experiences you'll ever have is visiting a country that speaks a language different than yours. There's a host of tools you can use, but Google's Translate product has leapfrog

Google Translate Now Does Real-Time Voice And Sign Translations On Mobile

Google Translate is already a hugely useful app for anyone who lives overseas or travels regularly, and now it just got even smarter on mobile. A new update to the Android and iOS apps that is rolling

Google Translate Adds 10 More Languages, Including Burmese

Google’s translation tool is constantly adding new languages, but its <a target="_blank" href="">latest update

The Mystery Of Lorem Ipsum

If you’ve spent any time around designers or the Internet, you’ll at least have a passing familiarity with a chunk of text so pervasive online that it’s almost invisible. Called Gree

Google Wants To Improve Its Translations Through Crowdsourcing

Over the years, Google Translate has gotten significantly better at giving its users (relatively) legible translations for most commonly used languages. It’s still far off from being perfect, t

Google Has Acquired Quest Visual, The Maker Of Camera-Based Translation App Word Lens

Word Lens wowed when it debuted back in 2010, with its tech that could translate the wording on signs captured with your smartphone’s camera automatically. Now, Quest Visual, the maker of that a

Google’s Instant Translators Could Become The Universal Tongue

Google likes to create things that gather data, which can be used to determine intent and for all kinds of profitable purposes. There's no bigger fish in that pond than the Babel fish – that inventi

Google Translate For Android Can Now Interpret 16 Additional Languages By Camera, Adds Phrasebook Support

One of the coolest features of the Google Translate for Android app is that you can just point your camera at a text, tap the word you want to translate and get a translation back. Starting today, thi

Google Translate For Android Gets Offline Mode With Support For 50 Languages

Google Translate is a very useful tool for when you are travelling internationally but sadly, that’s also the time when you are least likely to have an always-on connection to the Internet. Obvi

Google Translate Now Lets You Build A Personalized Phrasebook

Google Translate just added a cool new feature that allows you to easily create a personalized phrasebook with the phrases and sentences you want to memorize and/or find yourself translating repeatedl

Google Introduces New Input Tools For Translate, Gmail, Drive, Chrome, Android And Windows

Over the years, Google has introduced input tools to allow you to interact with its services in a multitude of languages and non-Latin characters and today has introduced a whole new set of tools to t

Google Now And Google Translate Praise The iPad

Google's text-to-speech engine loves the iPad so much, it often ends sentences with the phrase "he now praises the iPad" for no apparent reason. The bug appears in Google Now, assuming you ask it the

Google Translate Gets A Better Dictionary With Smarter Rankings, Reverse Translations And Grouped Synonyms

Google just <a target="_blank" href="">launched</a> an update to <a target="_blank" href="
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