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RIP Google Music, one of the company’s last examples of generosity

Google Music is dead, and with it one of the few remaining connections I have to the company that doesn’t feel like a gun to my head. The service, now merged haphazardly with YouTube Music, reca

Spotify is falling behind on lyrics and voice

Spotify’s lack of full lyrics support and its minimal attention to voice are beginning to become problems for the streaming service. The company has been so focused on the development of its per

Google Launches Free, Ad-Supported Version Of Play Music

Fresh on the heels of the Apple Music launch, Google has just announced that Play Music will now offer a free, ad-supported version of the service to users who don’t want to pay $9.99/month. Pla

I/O Spotlights Google’s Machine Learning Smarts

Few will argue that this year’s I/O keynote was Google’s flashiest yet. If you were expecting people to jump out of blimps to bring you a new version of Google Glass, the event surely lef

YouTube Adds Netflix Content Chief And Ad Exchange Architect To VP Ranks

YouTube is continuing the spate of recent executive-level hires begun under CEO Susan Wojcicki with two new additions to the top-level team today, according to sources familiar with the matter and con

Google Music Download Sales Miraculously Growing Despite Their Death Everywhere Else

We’re in a music sales apocolypse while streaming grows, so it’s no surprise Google Music‘s on-demand streaming service subscriber numbers are growing. But somehow, Google’s do

Google Launches “Google Play Music All Access” On-Demand $9.99 A Month Subscription Service

Google just launched an on-demand subscription music service at I/O called "Google Play Music All Access". Its web and mobile interfaces feature millions of songs you can play instantly, recommendatio

Google Music Launches Its iTunes Match-Like Scan-And-Match Feature In The U.S.

Google Music has always been a very nice music locker, but while European users were able to use its iTunes Match-like scan-and-match feature since last month, U.S.-based users only got access to this

Record Exec Says Google Music Is Losing Users. But Is It Worth Saving?

Users are tuning out of <a href="">Google Music</a>, the search engine's foray into music cloud storage, streaming and sales. A high-ranking digital music executi

Could Google Delete Copyrighted MP3s From Gmail? ‘Only In Extreme Cases’ It Says

Some rather inflammatory news has been making its way around the web today: a user posting on the Pirateweb message board has accused Google of removing copyrighted MP3 music files from a Gmail accoun

Busta Rhymes Waxes Enthusiastic On Google Music

When <a href="">Google Music</a> launched a couple months ago, there was some criticism regarding how the service was promoted. What many saw as just another mu

Don’t Be Too Disappointed By Google Music’s Lackluster Debut

The web is less than enthused by Google Music, which made its <a href="">debut </a>today with t

Google Music Store Images Leaked Ahead Of Official Launch

Well, that didn't take long. Invites to Google's big music-related event only went out <a href="

Google Launches A Slick Music Beta App For iOS — Web, Not Native

Now that Google Music Beta has been <a href="">out there</a> for a few months, it's time to focus on how to <a href="

Google Launches A Music Blog To Remind People That Google Music Beta Still Exists

<a href="">Music Beta</a>, remember it? It's the online music locker service that Google unveiled at I/O in May. But the keyword in the title very much remains "Beta" — as in

Google And Amazon May Have Just Handed Apple The Keys To The Cloud Music Kingdom

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-304739" title="aa" src="" alt="" />With regard to their cloud music offering, it looks like Apple is no

A First Look At Google Music Beta

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-302049" title="1" src="" alt="" />As <a href="

Google's Music Search Engine Quietly Vanishes From The Web

<img src="" /> At the end of October 2009, my colleague Jason Kincaid traveled <a href="

Will Amazon Drive Music Lockers Like MP3Tunes And mSpot Beyond Oblivion?

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-288816" title="Screen shot 2011-03-28 at 9.41.02 PM" src="" alt="" widt

Is Google In A Dream World? If So, Just How Close To Limbo Are They?

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-256472" title="i" src="" alt="" />"<em>Well dreams, they feel real while we're in them, right? It's only w
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