Google Launches A Slick Music Beta App For iOS — Web, Not Native

Now that Google Music Beta has been out there for a few months, it’s time to focus on how to get people to use it. One key: mobile.

While Google launched an Android app for Music Beta alongside the initial unveiling at I/O this year (it’s baked into the Music app), iOS users were SOL. Not anymore. Today, Google has rolled out an app so they can get in on the fun as well. But it’s not a native app, it’s a mobile web one. And it’s still pretty slick.

While the app still has the Safari chrome around it, it functions smoothly. You can easily play all of your songs, search, shuffle, etc. Swiping left and right takes you between Artists, Albums, Songs, etc. The transitions are very well done.

The music even continues to play in the background when you exit Safari. And it can be controlled by the iOS music controls.

And yes, it all streams from the cloud. You can get to it simply by directing your iOS Safari browser at

I’ve asked Google if there are any plans for a native app as well. That will be key for travel, etc. I’ll update when I hear back.

Interestingly enough, while Amazon’s rival cloud music service works on iOS through the browser now, we hear there are plans of a native app…

Update: Says Google on the topic of a native iOS app, “we’re considering all options to bring the service to more people, but don’t have anything official to share.”

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