Heads-Up: Lumus Shows Off 720p, See-Through Video Glasses

We've all see video glasses before - those clunky, Geordi La Forge-looking things that promise to display a 10 foot screen in front of your face. The drawbacks, generally, are size and transparency.

Gunnar Optiks Intros Glasses For The Call Of Duty Obsessed

With the new Call of Duty game hitting shelves soon, Gunnar Optiks has released a limited edition pair of <a href="">Modern Warfare 3 ga

NVIDIA Releases $99 3D Vision Wired Glasses For Your Friend

If you have a 3D gaming rig, the biggest problem you have is showing it off. You can either run the game wear the glasses and then say “I swear, it’s 3D!” or you give your friend the

Dynamic Eye's LCD Sunglasses Darken Only Where Needed

<img src="" />Someone call <a HREF="

Video: This Pair Of Glasses Is Actually A Personal Navigation System

<img src="" /> We've shown you several cool <a href="

For kids, moms and dads: Panasonic to offer 3D glasses for the whole family

<img src="" /> Panasonic not only announced <a href="

Monster releases "universal" 3D glasses

Although the press release, below, is full of garbage jargon, the bottom line is that Monster, in their infinite glory, has released a “universal” pair of RF 3D glasses. The glasses suppor

Supine Reading Glasses to spur recumbent reading movement

<img src="" alt="" />Sound the nerd alert: the Supine Reading Glasses from Hammacher Schlemmer let you read a book while flat on your ba

So what were the ‘Happy 2010!’ glasses like?

<img src="" />Happy 2010, people who count from Anno Domini using the Gregorian calendar! I greeted the new year by saying, sometim

Retro: Monocles are making a comeback for some reason

<img src="" />Monocles are back, people! So says Fez from Ron and Fez, the <a HREF="">Si

How best to solve the problem of Happy 2010 New Year's Eve glasses?

<img src="" />We have a problem, Internet. You know how on New Year's Eve everyone walks around with Happy 2009 (or whatever) glasse

Review part deux: Gunnar Optiks

<img alt="gunnar" src="" />Just a quick post to provide a little more detail to David's <a href="

Review: Gunnar 'MLG Legend' Glasses

Short Version: Gunnar’s “MLG Legend” glasses are a good choice for gamers and workers alike who suffer from eye problems created from staring at a screen for long periods of time. Wh

Sunglasses with built-in camcorder and MP3 player

<img src="" /> Tokyo-based gadget maker OTAS is selling <a href="">sunglasses</

It's a light that clips onto your glasses. I can't really think of a witty title.

<img src="" /> The latest in German engineering, <a href="">the Nachteule</a> ("ni

CEATEC: Hands on with Wink Glasses

<img src="" alt="wink_glasses_01" title="wink_glasses_01" />Matt wrote about <a href="

Panasonic develops 50-inch full HD 3D plasma TV for Blu-ray movies

<img src="" /> Panasonic has been toying with the idea of bringing 3D TVs to our homes for <a href="http://www.crun

Hint: Only wear the Wink Glasses when in the comfort of fellow nerds

<img src="">I'm guessing most of us have experienced the sensation of our eyes glossing over and and losing the ability to focus on the com

Feather or spectacles: New USB sticks double as bookmarks

<img src="" /> For some strange reason, USB seems to stimulate the imagination of crap gadget makers. This is especially true for J

Vuzix to show off improved VR glasses at CES

<img title="wrap2_view1" style="display:inline;" height="449" alt="wrap2_view1" src="" width="630" />Vuzix will be showing off some
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