LG turns to EyeEm to add AI to its cameras

LG today announced an updated version of the V30 smartphone and it comes with a supercharged camera powered by a third-party AI system. LG turned to EyeEm to add new features to the camera. Now, thank

The Instagif is a camera that ‘prints’ animated GIFs

Have you ever wanted to print an animated image? Well now you (almost) can. A maker named Abhishek Singh has created an instant camera that outputs a little box that contains a Raspberry Pi connected

30 years of the GIF

Few technologies survive more than five years -- let alone 30 -- without significant change. Technologies that do not change are resigned to obsolescence. But the GIF, which celebrates its 30th birthd

Google responds to academic funding controversy — with a GIF

Last week, an advocacy group called Campaign for Accountability (CfA) released a list of academics and policy experts who had received funding from Google in the last few years. That created quite a

Facebook tests a GIF maker on iOS

Facebook confirmed it has begun testing a new GIF maker in the camera feature of the main Facebook mobile application. The feature, which is available with the tap of a button at the top of the screen

Facebook rolls out the GIF button for comments to all users

Reply threads on Facebook are about to get a lot more animated. To mark the 30th anniversary of the GIF format, all users will get the new GIF comment button that Facebook began testing three months a

The NFL will reportedly relax their social media rules so teams can post more GIFs and videos

About two months ago the NFL implemented a new social media policy that effectively banned teams from posting any video-based content during games. The backlash was tremendous, with fans and teams cri

Vevo now lets users turn music video clips into GIFs

Vevo, YouTube’s biggest competitor when it comes to music videos, has today unveiled a new tool that lets users create GIFs from Vevo’s massive video library. With more than 230,000 videos

GifGrabber re-emerges as Giphy Capture

It looks like some of the $55m Giphy raised recently was burning a hole in its pocket: GifGrabber is now part of the Giphy family, and the new version of the app turned up in the Mac App store today.

Twitter Doing More With GIFs, Introduces Feature Called “ScratchReel”

Twitter tweeted out a new toy for you to play with for video called “ScratchReel.” Basically, it lets you scrub a short GIF back and forth for cool effects. Check it out here (to see the a

NFL, NCAA And UFC Go After Deadspin And SBNation Over Tweeted Vines And GIFs

Is it #GIFAGEDDON? One of my favorite ways to consume the best parts of sportsball is in animated GIFs and 6-second Vines. I only want to see that big block or that sweet catch, not the crap before an

Google’s iOS App Now Lets You Tap And Play GIFs

It’s the small things that matter, but instead of tapping an image you’ve found via search and hoping that it loads up like a GIF should on mobile web, you can now view GIFs within Google&

Automatically Animate GIFs In Your Google Image Search Results

Even though I'm a huge Giphy fan, I still use Google Image Search a lot to find fun imagery...especially animated GIFs. The problem with using Google Search for this is that the results aren't animate

GIFs Is A Mac App For Finding The Best Animated Encapsulation Of Your Current Emotion

In work and personal online communication, I find myself using animated GIFs almost more than words these days. Between Slack and iMessage, there’s little that needs to be said that isn’t

Instagram Cuts Off Hot GIF App Phhhoto From Its Social Graph

“Removed instagram friend-finding cause they blocked us! #nochill” This note in hip GIF app Phhhoto‘s latest release notes was how it announced its users can no longer easily follow

PopKey’s Animated GIF Keyboard For iOS 8 Is The One You Should Be Using

Apple is now accepting keyboards that go beyond just offering different ways to type text – it appears to have opened the doors for graphical keyboards, too. Riffsy already showed us an animated GIF

PopKey’s iOS 8 Launch Will Replace Written Language With The Expressive Art Of The GIF

We’re on the verge of a linguistic revolution, made possible by the fact that Apple has opened up its iOS operating system to allow third-party keyboards. One of the first entrants will be PopKe

Turn Any YouTube Video Into A GIF By Just Adding “GIF” To The URL

Want to turn something on YouTube into a GIF, but don't want to futz with downloading third-party apps or digging around for an online converter? Here's a handy, easy to remember trick...

OTTO Is A Raspberry Pi-Based GIF Camera That Says We’ve Reached Peak Hipster

[protected-iframe id=”d766fb172272c25d3dbcf71eb05627a1-24588526-5302483″ info=”https://www.kickstarter .com/projects/1598272670/meet-otto-the-hackable-gif-camera/widget/video.html&#8

Cinemagraphs (Animated Gifs) As Ads? Tumblr Experiments With New Advertising Format

GIF, a filetype that celebrated its <a target="_blank" href="">25th anniversary</a> this past June (don'