You can now make GIFs in Twitter’s iOS app

If you ever wanted to make a GIF from your iOS camera while using the Twitter app, today’s your lucky day. Twitter announced that now, we can do just that.

When you compose a new tweet on iOS, click the camera button. Then, you have the option to choose between a photo, a video and an animated GIF. Your GIF recording can’t be very long — only a few seconds — but hey, it’ll probably come in handy once or twice?

After you record your short GIF, you have the option to either play it front to back on loop, or you can make it play like an Instagram boomerang, playing forward, then reverse on loop. The world is your oyster, unless if you want to make a GIF that lasts longer than like two seconds.

Once you make the GIF, it saves automatically to your camera roll as a GIF in your images folder — it’s not a video. Because it’s a GIF.

Twitter releases so many new features these days that it’s hard to keep track. Some recent updates you may have missed include posting clips from Spaces, a potential upcoming spin on Instagram’s “close friends” list and some timeline algorithm snafus. Twitter hasn’t indicated when this GIF feature might roll out for Android, but Twitter usually adds in new updates to Android users eventually. Soon, hopefully you too can post a GIF of your snake plant.