Sony, GeoHot Settle PS3 Hacking Case

<img src="" />Sony and <a HREF="">GeoHot</a> have officially settled their differences. A not

Sony Sites Go Down Day After Anonymous' Call To Arms

<img src="" />Not even a few hours after Anonymous <a HREF="

Anonymous Targets Sony Over PS3 Hacking

<img src="" />A congratulations <a HREF="

GeotHot: I'm On Vacation, Not Fleeing The Law!

<img src="" />Is George “<a HREF="">GeoHot</a>” Hotz in South America right now? <a HREF="ht

Rumor: Fearing ‘Mainstream’ Piracy, Sony Mulling Over ‘Hack-Proof’ PS3

<img src="" />Sony is said to be working on a “hack-proof” PS3. So saysa rumor attributed to an anonymous source—the best

Police Raid PS3 Hacker's House; N64 Emulator In Development

<img src="" />It looks like the police, at the behest of Sony, have raided the house of graf_chokolo, one of the preeminent members of

Having Collected Sufficient Funds, Geohot Calls Off Donation Request

<img src="" />George Hotz, the “hacker” known to the world at <a HREF="">Geohot</a>, had recent

With Call Of Duty Black Ops Permabans Incoming, Are PS3 Permabans Next?

<img src="" />By now you surely must know that Sony <a HREF="

Sony Wins Restraining Order Against Geohot, Updates PS3 Firmware To 3.56 In Effort To Stop Hacking

<img src="" /><a HREF="">PS3</a> owners will be prompted to update their system to firmware version

Microsoft meets with WP7 Jailbreak team. Hugs ensue.

<img src="" />In a move that will surely only help move more Windows Phone 7 handsets, Microsoft have met with the team

Sony Now Sues PS3 Hackers: Good Luck Trying To Stop The Flow Of Information

<img src="" />Ha! Well that <a HREF="

PS3 Cracked Open Even Further With "Root Key" Discovered

<img src="" />Just a few days after the PS3's security was <a href="

Hacker says he's got Linux on the PS3 again

<img src="" />It was only last week, on the 1st, when Sony announced it'd be <a href="

No more Linux for the PS3

<img src="" />I <em>almost</em> bought a Sony <a href="">PS3</a> specifically so that I could

It is morning in America: GeoHot tells of untethered jailbreak that could work on iPad

Web video star GeoHot just did a quick demo of his untethered iPhone/iPod Touch jailbreak. That’s right – you just have to put something on your device – and not directly connect it

Help Key: How to unlock your iPhone 3GS with Geohot's new BlackSn0w app

<img src="">BlackSn00000w is coming down, on me… Geohot, creator of the original iPhone unlock, has crack the 05.11.07 baseband to enabl

First kid to unlock iPhone unlocks it again

George Hotz, aka Geohot, aka the kid that unlocked the iPhone way back when, aka the kid that traded an unlocked iPhone for three regular iPhones and a Nissan 350Z is at it again. This time instead of

Kid Who Unlocked iPhone Traded It For a Car; Wired Editor Now Wants One, Offers Car Too

The kid who unlocked the iPhone—I call him Craig from Degrassi—didn’t sell his creation, but rather traded it in for a Nissan 350Z and three 8GB iPhones. Wanting in on the action, it