GeotHot: I'm On Vacation, Not Fleeing The Law!

Is George “GeoHot” Hotz in South America right now? Yes. Is he a fugitive running from the law? No, despite the convenience of such a story. The man is merely on vacation. Is that a crime?

GeoHot says that he’s had this vacation planned since November, and that he won’t let Sony’s silly lawsuit stop him from living his life.

People do realize that they have telephones and Internet access in South America, right? It’s not Mars. His lawyers can easily contact him should the need arise; nonetheless, he’s been in daily contact with them, too.

GeoHot also says—as if he has to—that none of his defense fund money has been used to fund the vacation.

But no, the headline “GEOHOT FLEES TO SOUTH AMERICA” just looks flashier, so that’s what Sony runs with.


And one million thumbs up for the Boca shirt, Mr. Hotz.