Kid Who Unlocked iPhone Traded It For a Car; Wired Editor Now Wants One, Offers Car Too


The kid who unlocked the iPhone—I call him Craig from Degrassi—didn’t sell his creation, but rather traded it in for a Nissan 350Z and three 8GB iPhones. Wanting in on the action, it looks like Wired‘s news editor is willing to exchange his Datsun Z (pictured) for an unlocked iPhone. For purely journalistic reasons, I’m sure.

Apparently, the car is similar to one driven by Wozniak. So if the kid is as big a nerd as he comes across in all of the videos I’ve seen of him, I say he should grab this car, too. There’s no harm in it, really. I mean, the kid’s going to RIT and being known as “the dude who cracked the iPhone” has go to be worth something in the pecking order of RIT social dynamics.

Trade Kevin Poulsen’s Classic Datsun Z Car For an Unlocked iPhone [Cult of Mac]