Anonymous Targets Sony Over PS3 Hacking

A congratulations are in order for Sony. Thanks to the company’s dogged pursuit of the likes of GeoHot and Graf_Chokolo (and, apparently, anyone who has seen jailbreak-related information), Anonymous has said that it will “experience [its] wrath.” Probably not a good time to be Sony, no.

In a letter posted to the group’s site, Anonymous says that Sony has “abused” the judicial system, and that it has “victimized” its own customers in order to suppress information. (Remember: this all stems from Sony’s removal of the ability to instal Linux on the PS3.) As a result of Sony’s misdeed it will now be “trampled on.”


Clearly we’re all familiar with Anonymous, a group that really came into its own during the Wikileaks situation, targeting companies that rolled over for The Man in connection with the organization.

Let’s see here… we’ve got hackers claiming that Sony will have to kill them before they’ll quit hacking, and now Anonymous promising to take action. Lots of fun, all around.