Hacker says he's got Linux on the PS3 again

It was only last week, on the 1st, when Sony announced it’d be removing the Install Other OS option from the PS3 — an option already missing on the PS3 Slim. Predictably, there was outrage, and now, a hack. Renowned hackster Geohot has shown that by a simple restore trick, you can get 3.21 to let you install another OS — but if you’ve already updated and lost the ability, there’s nothing you can do at the moment.

It follows the pattern we always see, illustrated above. It probably won’t be long before a more thorough hack is released that allows updated PS3s to run Linux. Thanks to Geohot for his hard work, and no thanks to Sony for trying to tell its loyal customers what they can and can’t do with their console.

[via Kotaku]