Sony Sites Go Down Day After Anonymous' Call To Arms

Not even a few hours after Anonymous promised action against Sony has the company’s Web infrastructure come under attack. The PlayStation Blog has had difficulty resolving for some time now, and Sony has tweeted that PSN may be going “undergoing sporadic maintenance.” Probably not a fun day to be a Sony technician, no.

This all goes back to Sony’s treatment of PS3 hackers GeoHot and Graf_Chokolo, and, well, implying that anyone who had seen information related the PS3 Jailbreaking was guilty of heresy or some other ancient crime. Anonymous, the group perhaps most famous for its actions in defense of Wikileaks, said enough was enough, and said yesterday that Sony was next on its radar.

Which leads us to the outages over the past few hours, with people claiming to be affiliated with the group claiming responsibility for the attacks.

Maybe Sony should just bring back Linux? I genuinely would like to see how much restoring Linux to the PS3 would take away from the genuine “we own our hardware, we should be able to do what we want with it”—sentiment I’m pretty sure all of us here agree with. Restore Linux, and it’d be slightly harder to claim that Sony has “locked down” your hardware.