fund of funds

Fund of funds could be the perfect vehicle for backing diverse, emerging fund managers

As the role of the fund-of-funds model changes, this new version could prove to be the perfect vehicle to help diverse and emerging fund managers.

Fund of funds are starting to play a different role for venture LPs

Fund of funds are designed to give funds access. Newer FoF strategies can help LPs get access to emerging managers.

Level wants to back your fund — and your portfolio companies too

In 2023, funds of funds (FoFs) are on track to raise the smallest amount of money in more than a decade. At the same time, muted venture deal activity has many firms ditching their follow-on funds. De

Fund of funds Sweetwood Ventures bets big on VC’s smallest funds

Despite legacy venture capital firms continuing to raise bigger and bigger funds, LPs may have more luck focusing on the small stuff. Amit Kurz, a general partner at Israel-based fund of funds Sweetwo

Spur, a fund of funds, targets $200M to bet on early-stage VC in a downturn

Spur Capital Partners, an investor in venture capital funds, is out to raise $200 million for its seventh core fund. So far, it has secured nearly $74 million to bet on early-stage VCs, per a securiti