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Deadline extended: Apply to Startup Battlefield at TC Disrupt 2021

When you’re head-down and nose to the grindstone — I’m looking at all you hard-working early-stage startup founders — it’s easy to miss a deadline for an outstanding opportunity. Case in poi

Veeva defied detractors when it launched a cloud life sciences biz a decade ago

It’s safe to say that Veeva is not a household name, but 10 years ago this month the company launched the first of a set of enterprise tools, like content management and CRM, designed for the un

Robinhood co-founder Baiju Bhatt to talk fighting the establishment at Disrupt NY

When an app wins an Apple Design Award and has hundreds of thousands of people on its waiting list, people are going to want to know how exactly the founders did it. So, TechCrunch is excited to

Founder Stories: For Matt Tucker, A Life’s Work In Building Jive Software

Jive‘s CTO, Matt Tucker, is a pretty unassuming guy. If you didn’t know him, you’d never know Tucker is a co-founder of the 13-year old company, which he helped launch from his colle

Founder Stories: When It Comes To Open-Source Technologies, Reverb’s Tony Tam Has A Word For It

Have you ever watched a TED talk and thought, "That should be a company!" Well, that's happened a few times, I'm sure, and one of them is right here in Silicon Valley. Years ago, wordsmith <a target="

Founder Stories: Kakul Srivastava On How Tomfoolery Will Make Our Work More Social And Fun

Mobile messaging and mobile communications tools have grown like a weed on the consumer side -- but what about in a work context? With more and more people buying better and better smartphones, taking

Founder Stories: The Struggle of Entrepreneurship Is An A/B Test

It’s cliché to point out that most overnight successes in technology actually take years of work, yet in the case of Optimizely, we have yet another example of such a phenomenon. Earlier this y

Founder Stories: Airbnb’s Nate Blecharczyk On Being The Only Engineer For The First Year

This week on Founder Stories, I sat down with <a target="_blank" href="">Airbnb</a> co-founder <a target="_blank" href="">Nate

Founder Stories: Bradford Cross Of Prismatic On Running His Startup

<em>Our TCTV show, Founder Stories, returns with a new West Coast host, <a target="_blank" href="">Michael Abbott</a> <a target="_blank" href="https://t

(Founder Stories) Angie’s List: Angie Hicks On Jumping Into The Startup World, Tackling Big Markets & More

<a target="_blank" href="">Angie Hicks</a> is the co-founder and Chief Marking Officer of <a target="_blank" href="">Angie'

(Founder Stories) Aereo’s Chet Kanojia Urges Entrepreneurs To “Go For The Difficult Problems” [TCTV]

In the latest installment of <a target="_blank" href="">Chris Dixon's</a> <em>Founder Stories</em>, the Hunch co-founder sits down with <a target="_blank"

(Founder Stories) Aereo’s Chet Kanojia On How His Company Is “Putting A Wedge” In Video Delivery [TCTV]

Founded by <a target="_blank" href="">Chet Kanojia</a> and backed by Barry Diller's <a target="_blank" href="">IAC</a>, <a target="_blank" href=

(Founder Stories) Send The Trend’s Gugnani & Chris Dixon Discuss M&A

In episode II of <a href="">Divya Gugnani's</a> <em>Founder Stories</em> interview with host Chris Dixon, the two dive into M&A, a topic that both founders know

(Founder Stories) Send The Trend’s Gugnani On Seizing An Idea, Surviving A Crash & Being Acquired By QVC

<a href="">Divya Gugnani</a> is the co-founder of <a href="">Send the Trend</a>, a New York based startup that was recently <a href=

(Founder Stories)’s Paul English: On Hiring Athletes, Design Simplicity & Angel Investing [TCTV]

In part II of his <em>Founder Stories</em> interview with host <a href="">Chris Dixon</a>, <a href="">’s</a> co-founde

(Founder Stories) Kayak’s Paul English Discusses Big Wins & Important Strategic Alliances [TCTV]

Having <a href="">recently posted</a> its 2011 revenue numbers, <a href="http:

(Founder Stories) RunKeeper: Striving To Becoming The Facebook For Health

Having launched Runkeeper in 2008 with the help of <a href="">"moonlight

(Founder Stories) RunKeeper: Jacobs’ Strategy For Raising Capital

<a href="!/jjacobs22">Jason Jacobs</a> is the co-founder and CEO of <a href="">RunKeeper</a>, one of the initial 200 apps sold in the iPhone app store. Th

(Founder Stories) Warby Parker: “Less Than 1% Of Eyeglasses Were Sold Online”

In episode II of Chris Dixon's <em>Founder Stories</em> interview with <a href="">Warby Parker's</a> co-founders, <a href="">Da

(Founder Stories) Warby Parker: “Why Should A Pair Of Glasses Cost More Than An iPhone?”

If you've ever shopped for a pair of prescription glasses, you've probably seen first hand how expensive a set can be. <a href="">Warby Parker's</a> co-founders are right th
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