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(Founder Stories) Mick Mountz, Kiva Systems: “We Have Been Growing At Over 100% A Year”

After electronically ordering a shredder for your files following a pivot and a case of bottled water to wash away lessons learned, you may have set in motion one of <a href="http://www.kivasystems.c

(Founder Stories) Livestream’s Max Haot: Gannett Gave Us $10 Million (And Possibly Saved The Company)

In part II of <a href="">Chris Dixon's</a> Founder Stories interview with <a href="">Livestream</a> co-found

(Founder Stories) Livestream’s Haot: “We Had The Right Product But The Wrong Vision”

<a href="">Livestream</a> co-founder <a href="">Max Haot</a> says 30-million monthly unique viewers depend

(Founder Stories) Houston: “In 18 Months, You Are Going To See Little Dropbox Buttons Everywhere”

By any measure <a href="">Drew Houston</a> and his <a href="">Dropbox</a> team are having a <a href="https://

(Founder Stories) How Dropbox Got Its First 10 Million Users

Dropbox co-founder Drew Houston has one of the hottest startups in the game. With <a href="">$257.2 milli

(Founder Stories) Houston On Pitching Dropbox: “Tom Cruise In Minority Report Is Not Carrying Around A Thumb Drive”

<a href="">Dropbox</a> co-founder, <a href="">Drew Houston</a> recently sat down with TechCrunch Editor, <a hr

(Founder Stories) Baseline’s Steve Anderson: “The Signaling Issue Is Real”

When startups are choosing investors for their seed round, it is important to pick ones who will stick around for the long run. Otherwise, they may run into what <a href="

(Founder Stories) Baseline Ventures, Steve Anderson: On Why He Invested In Heroku And Weebly

In part II of Chris Dixon's interview with <a href="">Baseline Ventures</a> founder, <a href="">Steve Anderson</a>, Anderson di

(Founder Stories) Instagram-Backer Steve Anderson: Forget The Billion-Dollar Exits

<a href="">Steve Anderson's</a> <a href="">Baseline Ventures</a> has a portfolio th

(Founder Stories) Birchbox: On The Second Wave Of Ecommerce

Wrapping his interview with <a href="">Birchbox</a> founders Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp, <a href="">Chris Dixon</a> tosses out

(Founder Stories) Birchbox: Helping People “Find What They Didn’t Know They Wanted”

In part II of <a href="">Chris Dixon's</a> interivew with <a href="">Birchbox</a> founders Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp, Dix

(Founder Stories) Birchbox: Selling Subscriptions To Surprise Beauty Samples For $10 A Month

Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp are co-founders of <a href="">Birchbox</a> and stopped by our studio to tape Founder Stories with <a href="http://www.crunchb

(Founder Stories) Meetup’s Heiferman To Founders: “Avoid Thinking You Have To Do It All”

As <a href="">Chris Dixon’s</a> conversation with <a href="">Meetup</a> co-founder, <a href="http://www.crunc

(Founder Stories) Heiferman: “I Don’t Trust People In Our Industry Who Don’t Use Facebook”

<a href="">Episode I</a> of <a href="">Chris Dixon's</a> Fo

(Founder Stories) Meetup’s Heiferman: Working At McDonald’s & The Future Of Social Networks

Meetup co-founder and CEO,<a href=""> Scott Heiferman</a> is <a href="">Chris Dixon's</a> guest in this epis

(Founder Stories) Eric Ries: How Lean Was The Google+ Launch?

In the final episode of <a href="">Chris Dixon's</a> interview with <em>The Lean Startup</em> author <a href="

(Founder Stories) Eric Ries Tells Lean Startups: “Stop The Line So That The Line Never Stops”

In part III of <a href="">Chris Dixon's</a> <a href="">Founder Stories</a> interview with <a href="http://w

(Founder Stories) Eric Ries: On “Vanity Metrics” And “Success Theater”

Resuming their conversation from <a href="">episode I</a>, Chris Dixon asks <em>Lean Startup</em> author Eric Ries to of

(Founder Stories) Eric Ries: Missing The Bullseye Made The Lean Startup

In this episode of <a href="">Founder Stories</a> with host Chris Dixon, Dixon sits down with <em>The Lean Startup</em> author, <a href="

(Founder Office Hours With Josh Kopelman & Chris Dixon) Have-to-Have: Creating A Marketplace

Carla Holtze is the co-founder of <a href="">Have-to-Have</a>, which is offically launching later this week. She calls it "a digital shopping platform" that allows consumers
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