(Founder Stories) Aereo’s Chet Kanojia Urges Entrepreneurs To “Go For The Difficult Problems” [TCTV]

In the latest installment of Chris Dixon’s Founder Stories, the Hunch co-founder sits down with Chet Kanojia, the founder and CEO of the controversial startup, Aereo. In attempting to bring together over-the-air television with the Internet, the company has drawn the ire of the big broadcast networks, like NBC, ABC, CBS, all of whom are convinced that Aereo is violating copyright law.

Aereo takes content beamed over the free airwaves and redistributes the broadcasters’ signals to Internet-connected devices using mini-antennae stored in data centers. Unlike cable companies, Aereo doesn’t pay retransmission fees for the copyrighted content, arguing it doesn’t have to.

As the two continue their conversation in the video above, topics flow away from the controversy. Kanojia talks to Dixon about how he has grown as a leader, what he was doing before Aereo and wraps the interview by urging entrepreneurs to “go for the difficult problems.”

Make sure to watch the clip for additional insights and watch part I of this interview here.

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