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VCs are not done betting on fintech

Which startups are drawing the most praise from venture folks? A new list compiled by GGV US provides some hints.

When should you hire a CFO?

When is the right time to hire a CFO, and is a full-time CFO even necessary in this age of C-level-as-a-service?

Deal Dive: A Stripe secondary deal worth paying attention to

A recent secondary stock sale shows that investors are starting to value Stripe above its most recent, slashed, valuation.

Coinbase and Robinhood’s break belies good news for a host of fintech startups

A number of fintech startups similar to Coinbase and Robinhood could benefit from the renewed optimism around the two companies.

Practical advice for B2B startups raising a Series A

In conditions today, completing even a Series A round is a powerful symbol of your fintech project's promise.

Ramp taps AI as fintech hunts for growth

Ramp and Brex have been vocal about how they believe AI will transform the way they operate and serve their customers.

Klarna is inching toward an IPO, and it’s not the only one

Notable among the Klarna IPO chatter is the fact that it is far from the only private company worth billions that we are watching approach the public markets.

Stablecoin company Circle going public makes good sense

It may seem incongruous to see Circle considering going public during a crypto winter, but the IPO does not come as a massive surprise given its source of revenue.

Klarna’s financial glow-up is my favorite story in tech right now

Klarna's Q3 2023 results are the latest in a growing list of evidence that the Swedish fintech giant is evolving into a durable company ready for an IPO.

AgentSync raises $50M more in a massive Series B extension

Insurtech has had a rocky few years. Several startups in the space raised a lot of money and tried their luck on the public markets, but found that investors were unwilling to grant them valuations on

The SEC’s broadening of investment adviser obligations comes with hidden costs

Investment advisers who seek to innovate will need to tread carefully in this space to avoid missteps, which could have significant consequences for their viability.

With X, Musk is playing the bottom-up game

If you think Musk is ruining Twitter, then yeah, he is. That’s because he’s not in it for Twitter. He’s in it for X, and the current lovers of the platform are collateral damage.

All hail the (eventual) Plaid IPO

A CFO, recent notes on limited burn, and enough historical information to indicate that the company is IPO-sized already? Things are looking good for a Plaid IPO.

Leverage banking data to scale effectively and remain compliant

Data can provide a wealth of insights into the financial health of customers, along with information about how they spend their money and where. The only question is, what to do with all of it?

Canopy Servicing’s $15.2M Series A1 shows fintech startups that raised in 2021 can still get money

We were curious how Canopy was able to raise another tranche of capital in this climate, so we caught up with the company's CEO, Matt Bivons to find out how things are going.

The psychology behind startup dealmaking: Pitching your pilot to an industry Goliath

Startups must maintain acute awareness of often short-term corporate psychology, embracing adaptability and nurturing internal champions.

Pitch Deck Teardown: Lupiya’s $8.3M Series A deck

For the 69th installment (nice!) of the Pitch Deck Teardown series, let's take a peek at how Lupiya told its story to close this round.

FedNow’s legal terms contain a game changer for digital wallets and payment apps

The potential reach for nonbank payments providers who leverage this provision in the FedNow legal terms could be significant.

8 Latin American VCs share why they’re brimming with optimism about the region’s startups

We asked Latin American investors where they are placing their bets, when they think Brazil's IPO window might reopen, how to best pitch them, and more.

Rainbow or storm?

Some fintech companies are weathering the storm better than others and seeing an end in sight.
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