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FedNow instant payments are about to unlock fintech investment opportunities

The Fed’s initiative has opened up a window for innovation, the effects of which could be realized as early as next year.

Neobanks should take heart from Monzo’s performance in 2022

Monzo's results are one more ray of warm sunshine for this particular subsector of the beleaguered fintech market.

Klarna’s Q1 results show that the fintech unicorn’s turnaround is in full swing

Klarna managed to nab market share in a contracting market, keeping its own growth story afloat despite stiff headwinds.

Starling’s results are more proof that high interest rates could be a boon for fintech

High interest rates helped the UK's Starling post stellar revenue gains, and it appears its kin across the world could enjoy similar benefits too.

Despite messy IPOs, there’s good reason to be optimistic about insurtech startups

Insurtech is persisting, stubbornly showing a few signs of life despite the carnage in the public markets.

How our fintech startup became SEC-compliant

It's important to exercise caution when innovating, as too much creativity in the wealth-management industry can potentially lead to trouble.

Onboarding and automation: What fintechs can learn from big banks

Any automation needs accurate information to function properly and predictably to deliver the results that startups and enterprises want.

Higher interest rates are fostering a fintech comeback story

While rising interest rates have caused more than a few financial institutions to topple, a group of well-known fintech companies are posting signs of a comeback.

We’re close to peak pessimism around fintech

Given what's happening, it's hard to summon the courage to argue that we are close to seeing fintech valuations bottoming out or even rebound.

Bend is taking on Brex and Ramp with a green twist and a $2.5M seed round

Like many other credit cards, Bend offers rewards, though not the usual cash back or points-based fare. Instead, it offers carbon offsets.

As another startup bank partner collapses, tech feels the gap

In the wake of FRB's collapse, founders and investors continue to wonder: Where is the best place to protect important assets?

Revolut’s valuation troubles signal a stormy horizon for less-profitable neobanks

Revolut's situation seems like awful news for other neobanks. How much more room do less profitable neobanks have to fall?

10 years of fintech failure: 3 more ideas that failed to live up to the initial hype

These innovations rolled out with hype and momentum, but they ultimately failed to change the way the average person manages their money.

How a fintech company handled a fintech crisis

Spend management company Airbase found itself trying to access its own funds while also helping customers make payments through Silicon Valley Bank during the bank's collapse.

Now is the time to invest in Black-owned banks

It's essential to consider this moment as an opportunity to start banking with some of the few Black-owned banks.

Will software for CFOs create a bright spot in a battered fintech market?

The CFO stack has some investors quite excited, but the data so far describes a trend that may not be in these companies' favor.

Pitch Deck Teardown: StudentFinance’s $41M Series A deck

Spanish upskilling startup StudentFinance used this deck to raise a $41 million Series A.

For fintechs in 2022, the bigger the exit, the larger the decline in value

"We're really only beginning to see the ripple effects in the private markets of the 72% drop in valuations we saw in the public markets.”

What the flying heck happened to SVB?

Why did the bank go from saying it was well capitalized yesterday to what appears to be a fire sale so soon?’s SPAC gets a lifeline but remains on life support

It's looking less likely that digital mortgage lender will go public via a SPAC combination with Aurora.
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