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AI is going to save software companies’ dreams of growth

It appears emerging price points for AI-powered software products will boost the total addressable market for technology products and help reaccelerate growth at tech companies big and small.

Medium news, startups: If you start generating cash, you can sell for 4x ARR

Everbridge's deal shows that startups shouldn't expect their valuations to be salvaged that much by cash generation if their growth is all but zero.

Why there’s no clear winning pricing strategy in B2B SaaS

New data from Maxio indicates that both consumption and subscription pricing have their advantages when it comes to growth, but not at the same time.

AI startups’ margin profile could ding their long-term worth

Despite all the enthusiasm, there's a niggling detail that deserves our attention: AI startups often have worse economics than most software startups.

The TechCrunch+ surveys you need to read ahead of 2024

There was a lot to talk about this year, and investors and founders sure did share their thoughts freely with us in our surveys.

The cloud stock rally could help inch open the IPO window in 2024

A critical cohort of tech firms has regained the value it lost after the summer rally, setting the stage for a stronger IPO cycle in early 2024.

Is business software too cheap?

The software market isn't exactly suffering, so why are some enterprise software vendors trading so cheaply? The answer is more obvious than you'd think.

What to look out for in this week’s deluge of SaaS earnings reports

Here's a rundown of the key names reporting third-quarter results this week and what we might learn from them.

Coperniq raises $4M seed round to bring SaaS to solar installers

The startup’s solution takes over where project proposal software leaves off, from the first site visit until the solar array is running and on the grid.

Welcome back to the SaaS bear market

Investors have sold off cloud stocks to the point where they are in bear-market territory when compared to 2023 peaks.

Big Tech’s massive ad businesses are getting a boost from AI

As the American economy posts impressive growth, we take a look at how much money Big Tech companies raked in from advertising in Q3.

Capturing spread is a powerful but less understood business model available for some startups

The product needs to be great, but without sales, the business doesn't generate those nosebleed valuations.

AI is finally resulting in real growth for Big Tech

Generative AI technologies are being suffused into a host of applications, and the financial results of all that investment are starting to show up.

As Databricks stacks more capital, a competitive AI market heats up

Databricks announced a $500 million funding round this morning, signaling it was putting more cash to work in the growing AI market.

Tech companies are finding their profitability groove

Tech companies are getting the hang of making money, or at least they're losing far less than they used to when money was cheap and "growth" was sexy.

Embrace these FinOps best practices to ace your cloud strategy

Here are some best practice takeaways you can consider to help ensure your cloud transformation is successful across every metric

Will the power of data in the AI era leave startups at a disadvantage?

Are startups facing an insurmountable hurdle when it comes to leveraging LLMs and related technologies as effectively as their larger rivals?

How and when to charge for adding AI to your enterprise software

From pricing new add-ons outright and raising prices for bundled offerings to simply getting an edge in negotiations, AI opens up a host of pricing strategies.

Everyone’s talking about tech IPOs again

After going on about tech IPOs and the ongoing drought for so long, I would like a change in theme, one driven by SEC filings and data.

As net retention plummets, AI could be the savior software companies need

There could be good news just around the corner, provided services with generative AI become as powerful as expected, and are as in demand as hoped.
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