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For startups, growth still trumps cloud cost control

A recent survey of founders indicates that even as startups take a closer look at their cloud spending, growth is still a priority.

Cutting your cloud spend? Consider sharing your bill data internally

This is a critical moment for CIOs and other technical leaders to take stock of their cloud and IT budget and usage.

For startups, how many clouds to use may be the wrong question to ask

It appears the cloud strategy to follow is heavily dependent on a startup's compute load and what it aims to achieve.

Alibaba’s cloud spinoff may serve as a good yardstick to value other major players

Alibaba's cloud business isn't growing fast, but a dive into the numbers suggests there could be more value to unlock than it seems.

Yeah, tech growth is slowing down

Airbnb, Twilio and Amplitude's earnings together indicate that tech growth is slowing not just for Big Tech, it's across the board.

We’re close to peak pessimism around fintech

Given what's happening, it's hard to summon the courage to argue that we are close to seeing fintech valuations bottoming out or even rebound.

In spite of recent downward trend, the future remains bright for cloud

It would be easy to think the best days of the public cloud are over, but the data suggests otherwise, and there's lots of room for growth.

What is this, revenue growth for ants?

Growth matters, but given the macroeconomic climate, smaller numbers are apparently OK as long as there are clear factors driving future revenue and profit.

Everything you need to know about cloud outage insurance

The usual corollary of risk is insurance against it; but when it comes to cloud downtime, the insurance sector hasn't fully caught up yet. 

SaaS retention benchmarks: How does your business stack up?

High retention indicates strong product-market fit. It is proof that you are solving a real problem and are adding value to your customers.

Is there really a march from the public cloud back on-prem?

We got a decidedly mixed set of answers, but it seems that the cloud repatriation idea is being greatly exaggerated.

UK regulators could be right about cloud portability obstacles

Could regulators be right and it really is to hard to migrate between clouds, or are certain technical hurdles too hard to overcome?

When the tech IPO market reopens, keep an eye on HR unicorns

Let's consider potential IPOs in the HR technology market: Rippling, Gusto, Deel and Velocity Global are all on our list.

SaaS is still open for business, but it’s going to take longer to buy and sell

The bottom line? In 2023, SaaS is still open for business; it’s just going to take longer to buy and sell.

The cloud backlash has begun: Why big data is pulling compute back on premises

Cloud-first strategies may be hitting the limits of their efficacy, and in many cases, ROIs are diminishing, triggering a major cloud backlash.

On cloud marketplaces, nobody knows you’re a startup

Enterprise cloud spend is holding up well, but large companies are looking into vendor consolidation. This makes cloud marketplaces an increasingly relevant sales channel for B2B startups.

Q1 2023 market map: SaaS cost optimization and management

Simply reducing costs in lieu of growth will not work. Likewise, maximizing growth with little sensitivity around costs won’t work in 2023.

The sky isn’t falling for cloud software spend

New data from Battery Ventures helps those building software startups orient themselves to the present day.

Enterprise SaaS companies continue to navigate a complex economic environment

With Zoom, Box, Okta and Salesforce reporting this week, we saw mixed results from enterprise SaaS companies operating in a tough environment.

With 5 activists in the mix, Salesforce will report earnings Wednesday

When Salesforce reports earnings on Wednesday, it could be a critical report for the company with five activist investors circling.
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