New York's Amazon tax starts this Sunday

It’s all over, folks. Fortune is reporting that the state of New York’s sales tax on goods purchased at Amazon.com starts this Sunday, June 1st. Peter’s already been enraged about it

MADD: Drunk driving content should result in Adults Only rating for GTA IV

GTA IV fever is far from over, and the controversies are still pouring in. But for one organization, it’s not the sexual content or graphic violence of the game that they find objectionable, it&

Video: Scarlet is TVs, not TV

Perhaps you’ve seen the commercials for Scarlet, the hit new TV series on TV. Perhaps you were wondering why the commercials don’t tell you what channel it’s on or even when, or what

666 exorcised from Louisiana prefixes

There are places all over America where 666, The Number Of The Beast, is a telephone prefix. Reeves, in Allen Parish, LA, is one less place, having finalized to change 666 to 749 over the next 90 days

Five incredibly annoying features of modern day video games

1UP, only slightly more credible than “7-10” IGN, has compiled a list of dumb gaming trends that annoy it so, so much. Among them, pay-to-unlock features (see The Godfather for Xbox 360),

Levi's branded phone is dumb, stupid

The Levi’s LS501 (501, get it?) phone was announced back in June but it’s recently been made available for preorder in Hong Kong. It’s basically a Samsung SGH-P308 phone encased in &

Diamond-encrusted gadgets get their comeuppance

I’ve never been more in agreement with Wired than I am at this very moment. "Everything here is a crap gadget with diamonds glued on it," says Rob Beschizza in his post called The Wors

Segway dresses up as a Ferrari for Halloween

Ferrari is really starting to cause me agony. It’s one of my favorite supercar brands, but they’re ruining it by putting that horse on everything. Here it is on a Segway scooter. Yes, one

Car repair joint sued for copyright infringement

Ugh. I give up. This isn’t good for my stress. I can’t keep reading these articles. It’s too draining. I feel like Lewis Black back when he was still relevant. Anyway, the Performing

Ooh, Not Good: TrekStor Calls MP3 Player 'i.Beat blaxx'

Yikes. Not good. Not good at all. South Hessia, Germany’s TrekStor has launched a new MP3 player in its “i.Beat” series called the “blaxx.”  Put that all together an

SmartShopper Needs $147 Price Drop to be Competitive

Who has time to write things down on a pad of paper anymore?! When I need to add something to my grocery list I prefer to walk downstairs to the kitchen, rummage around in the junk drawer for my Smart

Windows vs. Mac vs. Linux: Shouldn't They Have Done this Four Years Ago?

CIO Magazine is apparently going through their assignment backlog and decided to put together a hefty tome on the differences between Windows, Linux, and OS X. Hmmmm… With gems like this: He pre