You disappoint me, America: $10,000 worth of iPhone farting apps sold (so far)


Way to go, America. Since Apple loosened its grip on the App Store some $10,000 worth of farting apps have been sold. That may not be the reason why “they” hate us, but it’s reason enough for me to be disappointed in you today. Congrats.

The biggest offender is the $0.99 iFart Mobile [iTunes link], created by InfoMedia, a generic name great for obscuring its true purpose: corrupting America’s youth. Ever since its release two weeks ago, iFart Mobile has been among the top 10 most downloaded apps on the App Store.

MacRumors even went to the trouble of crunching the numbers. With around 13,000 downloads, and factoring in Apple’s 30 percent cut, iFart Mobile has made $9,198.

So I tip my hat to you, America, for spending $10,000 on farting applications. Job well done.