‘The Hills’ breaks down the Large Hadron Collider

Sigh… Above, please reference what girls between the ages of 10 and 30 think is cool. Also, as it happens, the same reason MTV will be blocked from every TV in the Aamoth household if I ever have a daughter.

Transcription to follow for those of you who can’t access YouTube at work…

Girl A: Do you know the world’s supposed to end? They just started this, like, in Geneva, this particle accelerator that’s, like, buried 300 feet under ground and then they start smashing particles into each other.

Girl B: What?!

Girl A: Trying to create black holes.

Girl B: Why are they doing that?

Girl A: ‘Cause they wanna figure out how we’re here. They wanna prove the Big Bang and that matter can come out of nothing.

Girl B: (Looks like she’s about to cry) Isn’t this crazy how all this is happening while Lauren’s gone?

[Infopirate.org via Digg]