Refreshment, thy name is Sippin' Seat

seatMmmm, this cushion can hold liquid. How refreshing. Nothing like a cold drink on a hot summer day. Or perhaps a drink that used to be cold but is now hot because you’ve been sitting on it for a couple hours.

Either way, the Sippin’ Seat costs $30 plus shipping. It can support a 300-pound individual, holds warm or cold beverages, and features an “easy to use twist valve” for dispensing your drink into a cup. Curiously, there’s no mention of just how much liquid it can hold. How many ounces? Perhaps we’ll never know.

If you can somehow sneak the cushion into your favorite sporting event, though, it just might pay for itself. If your local security team is too tough, there’s always the Beer Belly Cooler instead.

Sippin’ Seat [Baron Bob via Foolish Gadgets]